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StreetsAcquisition, standards of design, use, vacation and abandonmentFunds.

The designation of code city streets as a part of the state highway system, the jurisdiction and control of such streets, the procedure for acquisition or abandonment of rights-of-way for city streets and state highways, and the sale or lease of state highway land or toll facility to a code city, the requirements for accounting and expenditure of street funds, and the authority for contracting for the construction, repair and maintenance of streets by the state or county shall be the same as is provided in RCW 36.75.090, chapters 47.08, 47.12, 47.24 and 47.56 RCW, and the regulation of signs thereon as provided in chapter 47.42 RCW. Code cities shall be regulated in the acquisition, construction, maintenance, use and vacation of alleys, city streets, parkways, boulevards and sidewalks and in the design standards therefor as provided in chapters 35.68 through 35.79, 35.85, and 35.86 RCW and *RCW 79.93.010 relating to dedication of tidelands and shorelands to public use and in the use of state shared funds as provided by general law.


*Reviser's note: RCW 79.93.010 was recodified as RCW 79.120.010 pursuant to 2005 c 155 § 1007.
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