Chapter 35.82 RCW



35.82.010Finding and declaration of necessity.
35.82.030Creation of housing authorities.
35.82.040Appointment, qualifications, and tenure of commissioners.
35.82.045Cities with a population of four hundred thousand or moreAppointment of additional commissionersAppointment, compensation of commissionersOrganization of authority.
35.82.050Conflicts of interest for commissioners, employees, and appointees.
35.82.060Removal of commissioners.
35.82.070Powers of authority.
35.82.076Small works roster.
35.82.080Operation not for profit.
35.82.090Rentals and tenant selection.
35.82.100Cooperation between authorities.
35.82.110Eminent domain.
35.82.120Planning, zoning and building laws.
35.82.140Form and sale of bonds.
35.82.150Provisions of bonds, trust indentures, and mortgages.
35.82.160Certification by attorney general.
35.82.170Remedies of an obligee of authority.
35.82.180Additional remedies conferable by authority.
35.82.190Exemption of property from execution sale.
35.82.200Aid from federal governmentProvisions applicable to authorities.
35.82.210Tax exemption and payments in lieu of taxesDefinitions.
35.82.220Housing bonds legal investments and security.
35.82.240Rural housing projects.
35.82.250Housing applications by farmers.
35.82.260Farmers of low income.
35.82.270Powers are additional.
35.82.280Supplemental projects.
35.82.285Group homes or halfway houses for released juveniles or developmentally disabled.
35.82.300Joint housing authoritiesCreation authorizedContents of ordinances creatingPowers.
35.82.310Joint housing authoritiesDissolution.
35.82.320Deactivation of housing authorityProcedure.
35.82.325Deactivation of housing authorityDistribution of assets.
35.82.330Chapter not applicable to certain transfers of property.
35.82.340Previously incarcerated individualsRental policies that are not unduly burdensome encouraged.
35.82.900Short title.
35.82.910Chapter controlling.


Eminent domain: Title 8 RCW.
Loans and grants for low-income housing: RCW 35.21.685 and 36.32.415.
Planning commissions: Chapter 35.63 RCW.