Chapter 35.21 RCW



35.21.005Sufficiency of petitions.
35.21.010General corporate powersTowns, restrictions as to area.
35.21.015Salary commissions.
35.21.020Auditoriums, art museums, swimming pools, etc.Power to acquire.
35.21.030Auxiliary water systems for protection from fire.
35.21.070Cumulative reserve fundAuthority to create.
35.21.080Cumulative reserve fundAnnual levy forApplication of budget law.
35.21.085Payrolls fundClaims fund.
35.21.086Payrolls fundTransfers from insolvent funds.
35.21.087Employee checks, drafts, warrantsCity, town may cash.
35.21.088Equipment rental fund.
35.21.090Dikes, levees, embankmentsAuthority to construct.
35.21.100DonationsAuthority to accept and use.
35.21.110FerriesAuthority to acquire and maintain.
35.21.120Solid waste handling systemContracts.
35.21.130Solid waste or recyclable materials collectionOrdinance.
35.21.135Solid waste or recyclable materials collectionCurbside recyclingReduced rate.
35.21.140GarbageNotice of lienForeclosure.
35.21.152Solid waste handlingAgreementsPurposesTerms and conditions.
35.21.154Solid wasteCompliance with chapter 70A.205 RCW required.
35.21.156Solid wasteContracts with vendors for solid waste handling systems, plants, sites, or facilitiesRequirementsVendor selection procedures.
35.21.157Solid waste collectionRate increase notice.
35.21.158Collection and transportation of recyclable materials by recycling companies or nonprofit entitiesReuse or reclamationApplication of chapter.
35.21.160Jurisdiction over adjacent waters.
35.21.163Penalty for act constituting a crime under state lawLimitation.
35.21.165Driving while under the influence of liquor or drugMinimum penalties.
35.21.175Offices to be open certain days and hours.
35.21.180OrdinancesAdoption of codes by reference.
35.21.185OrdinancesInformation pooling.
35.21.190Parkways, park drives, and boulevards.
35.21.192Urban agriculture zone.
35.21.194Community gardens.
35.21.195Statewide sexual assault kit tracking systemParticipation by local law enforcement agencies.
35.21.200Residence qualifications of appointive officials and employees.
35.21.203Recall sufficiency hearingPayment of defense expenses.
35.21.205Liability insurance for officials and employees.
35.21.207Liability insurance for officers and employees authorized.
35.21.209Insurance and workers' compensation for offenders performing community restitution.
35.21.210Sewerage, drainage, and water supply.
35.21.215Powers relative to systems of sewerage.
35.21.217Utility servicesDepositTenants' delinquenciesNoticeLien.
35.21.220SidewalksRegulation of use of.
35.21.225Transportation benefit districts.
35.21.228Rail fixed guideway public transportation systemSafety program plan and security and emergency preparedness plan.
35.21.230Streets over tidelands declared public highways.
35.21.240Streets over tidelandsControl of.
35.21.250Streets and alleys over first-class tidelandsControl of.
35.21.260StreetsAnnual report to secretary of transportation.
35.21.270StreetsRecords of funds received and used for construction, repair, maintenance.
35.21.275Street improvementsProvision of supplies or materials.
35.21.278Contracts with community service organizations for public improvementsLimitations.
35.21.280Tax on admissionsExceptions.
35.21.290Utility servicesLien forEmergency declaration.
35.21.300Utility servicesEnforcement of lienLimitations on termination of service for residential heating.
35.21.305Utility connection chargesWaiver for low-income persons.
35.21.310Removal of overhanging or obstructing vegetationRemoval, destroying debris.
35.21.315Amateur radio antennasLocal regulation to conform with federal law.
35.21.320WarrantsInterest ratePayment.
35.21.333Chief of police or marshalEligibility requirements.
35.21.334Chief of police or marshalBackground investigation.
35.21.335Chief of police or marshalVacancy.
35.21.340Cemeteries and funeral facilities.
35.21.350Civil service in police and fire departments.
35.21.360Eminent domain by cities and towns.
35.21.370Joint county and city hospitals.
35.21.380Joint county and city buildings.
35.21.385Counties with a population of two hundred ten thousand or more may contract with cities concerning buildings and related improvements.
35.21.390Public employment, civil service and pensions.
35.21.392ContractorsAuthority of city to verify registration and report violations.
35.21.395Historic preservationAuthorization to acquire property, borrow money, issue bonds, etc.
35.21.400City may acquire property for parks, recreational, viewpoint, greenbelt, conservation, historic, scenic, or view purposes.
35.21.403Authority to establish lake and beach management districts.
35.21.404Fish enhancement projectCity's or town's liability.
35.21.405Moorage facilitiesRegulations authorizedPort charges, delinquencyAbandoned vessels, public sale.
35.21.407Abandoned or derelict vessels.
35.21.408Transfer of ownership of a city or town-owned vesselReview of vessel's physical condition.
35.21.409Transfer of ownership of a city or town-owned vesselFurther requirements.
35.21.410Nonpolluting power generation by individualExemption from regulationAuthorization to contract with utility.
35.21.412Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityCreation by irrigation districts and cities, towns, or public utility districts.
35.21.415Electrical utilitiesCivil immunity of officials and employees for good faith mistakes and errors of judgment.
35.21.417Hydroelectric reservoir extending across international boundaryAgreement with Province of British Columbia.
35.21.418Hydroelectric reservoir extending across international boundaryCommissionPowers.
35.21.420UtilitiesCity may support county in which generating plant locatedCities with a population greater than five hundred thousand responsible for impact payments and arrearagesArbitration.
35.21.422UtilitiesCities in a county with a population of two hundred ten thousand or more west of Cascades may support cities, towns, counties and taxing districts in which facilities located.
35.21.425City constructing generating facility in other countyReimbursement of county or school districtReimbursement by cities with a population greater than five hundred thousand.
35.21.426City constructing generating facility in other countyNotice of lossNegotiationsArbitration.
35.21.427City constructing generating facility in other countyAdditional findingsRenegotiation.
35.21.430UtilitiesCity may pay taxing districts involved after acquisition of private power facilities.
35.21.440UtilitiesAdditional payments to school districts having bonded indebtedness.
35.21.450UtilitiesPayment of taxes.
35.21.455Locally regulated utilitiesAttachments to poles.
35.21.465Crop purchase contracts for dedicated energy crops.
35.21.470Building construction projectsCity or town prohibited from requiring state agencies or local governments to provide bond or other security as a condition for issuance of permit.
35.21.475Statement of restrictions applicable to real property.
35.21.500Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesScope of codification.
35.21.510Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesAuthorized.
35.21.520Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesAdoption as official code of city.
35.21.530Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesFilingNotice of hearing.
35.21.540Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesLegislative body may amend, adopt, or reject adopting ordinanceWhen official code.
35.21.550Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesCopies as proof of ordinances.
35.21.560Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesAdoption of new material.
35.21.570Compilation, codification, revision of city or town ordinancesCodification satisfies single subject, title, and amendment requirements of statute or charter.
35.21.590Executory conditional sales contracts for purchase of propertyLimit on indebtednessElection, when.
35.21.630Youth agenciesEstablishment authorized.
35.21.635Juvenile curfews.
35.21.640Conferences to study regional and governmental problems, counties and cities may establish.
35.21.650Prepayment of taxes or assessments authorized.
35.21.660Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development ActAgreements with federal governmentScope of authority.
35.21.670Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development ActPowers and limitations of public corporations, commissions or authorities created.
35.21.680Participation in Economic Opportunity Act programs.
35.21.682City or town may not limit number of unrelated persons occupying a household or dwelling unitExceptions.
35.21.683Transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, indoor emergency shelters, and indoor emergency housing.
35.21.684Authority to regulate placement or use of homesRegulation of manufactured homesIssuance of permitsRestrictions on location of manufactured/mobile homes and entry or removal of recreational vehicles used as primary residences.
35.21.685Low-income housingLoans and grants.
35.21.686Tiny house communities.
35.21.688Family day-care provider's home facilityCity or town may not prohibit in residential or commercial areaConditions.
35.21.689Permanent supportive housingCity may not prohibit where multifamily housing is permitted.
35.21.690Authority to regulate auctioneersLimitations.
35.21.692Authority to regulate massage therapistsLimitations.
35.21.695Authority to own and operate professional sports franchise.
35.21.696Newspaper carrier regulation.
35.21.698Regulation of financial transactionsLimitations.
35.21.700Tourist promotion.
35.21.703Economic development programs.
35.21.706Imposition or increase of business and occupation taxReferendum procedure requiredExclusive procedure.
35.21.710License fees or taxes on certain business activitiesUniform rate requiredMaximum rate established.
35.21.711License fees or taxes on certain business activitiesExcess rates authorized by voters.
35.21.712License fees or taxes on telephone business to be at uniform rate.
35.21.714License fees or taxes on telephone businessImposition on certain gross revenues authorizedLimitations.
35.21.715Taxes on network telephone services.
35.21.717Taxation of internet accessMoratorium.
35.21.718State route No. 16Tax on operation prohibited.
35.21.720City contracts to obtain sheriff's office law enforcement services.
35.21.730Public corporationsPowers of cities, towns, and countiesAdministration.
35.21.735Public corporationsDeclaration of public purposePower and authority to enter into agreements, receive and expend fundsSecuritySpecial fundsAgreements to implement federal new markets tax credit program.
35.21.740Public corporationsExercise of powers, authorities, or rightsTerritorial jurisdiction.
35.21.745Public corporationsProvision for, control overPowers.
35.21.747Public corporationsReal property transferred by city, town, or countyRestrictions, notice, public meeting.
35.21.750Public corporationsInsolvency or dissolution.
35.21.755Public corporationsExemption or immunity from taxationIn lieu excise tax.
35.21.756Tax exemptionSales/leasebacks by regional transit authorities.
35.21.757Public corporationsStatutes to be construed consistent with state Constitution.
35.21.759Public corporations, commissions, and authoritiesApplicability of general laws.
35.21.760Legal internsEmployment authorized.
35.21.762Urban emergency medical service districtsCreation authorized in city or town with territory in two counties.
35.21.765Fire protection, ambulance or other emergency services provided by municipal corporation within countyFinancial and other assistance by county authorized.
35.21.766Ambulance servicesEstablishment authorized.
35.21.7661Study and review of ambulance utilities.
35.21.768Ambulance servicesExcise taxes authorizedUse of proceeds.
35.21.769Levy for emergency medical care and services.
35.21.770Members of legislative bodies authorized to serve as volunteer firefighters, volunteer ambulance personnel, or reserve law enforcement officers.
35.21.772Fire department volunteersHolding public officeDefinitions.
35.21.775Provision of fire protection services to state-owned facilities.
35.21.778Existing contracts for fire protection services and equipment not abrogated.
35.21.779Fire protection services for state-owned facilitiesContracts with the department of commerceConsolidation of negotiations with multiple state agenciesArbitration.
35.21.780Laws, rules and regulations applicable to cities five hundred thousand or over deemed applicable to cities four hundred thousand or over.
35.21.790Revision of corporate boundary within street, road, or highway right-of-way by substituting right-of-way lineNot subject to review.
35.21.800Foreign trade zonesLegislative finding, intent.
35.21.805Foreign trade zonesAuthority to apply for permission to establish, operate and maintain.
35.21.810Hydroplane racesProviding for restrooms and other services in public parks for spectatorsAdmission feesAuthorized.
35.21.815Hydroplane racesLevying of admission charges declared public park purposeReversion prohibited.
35.21.820Acquisition and disposal of vehicles for commuter ride sharing by city employees.
35.21.830Controls on rent for residential structuresProhibitedExceptions.
35.21.840Taxation of motor carriers of freight for hireAllocation of gross receipts.
35.21.845Taxation of motor carriers of freight for hireTax allocation formula.
35.21.850Taxation of motor carriers of freight for hireLimitationExceptions.
35.21.851Taxation of chamber of commerce, similar business for operation of parking/business improvement area.
35.21.855Taxation of intellectual property creating activitiesGross receipts tax prohibitedExceptions.
35.21.860Electricity, telephone, or natural gas business, service providerFranchise fees prohibitedExceptions.
35.21.865Electricity, telephone, or natural gas businessLimitations on tax rate changes.
35.21.870Electricity, telephone, natural gas, or steam energy businessTax limited to six percentException.
35.21.871Tax on telephone businessDeferral of rate reduction.
35.21.873Procedure to correct erroneous mobile telecommunications service tax.
35.21.875Designation of official newspaper.
35.21.880Right-of-way donationsCredit against required improvements.
35.21.890Boundary changesProviding factual informationNotice to boundary review board.
35.21.895Regulation of automatic number or location identificationProhibited.
35.21.897Mobile home, manufactured home, or park model moving or installingCopies of permitsDefinitions.
35.21.900Authority to transfer real property.
35.21.905Consultation with public utilities for water-sewer facility relocation projects.
35.21.910Community athletics programsSex discrimination prohibited.
35.21.915Hosting the homeless by religious organizationsWhen authorizedRequirementsProhibitions on local actions.
35.21.920State and federal background checks of license applicants and licensees of occupations under local licensing authority.
35.21.925Supplemental transportation improvements.
35.21.930Community assistance referral and education services program.
35.21.935Warrant officersTraining requirementsAuthority.
35.21.940Failing septic systemsConnection to public sewer systemsAppeals process.
35.21.945Water storage asset management servicesProcurement.
35.21.950Final determination on state highway project permits.
35.21.955Nuisance abatementSpecial assessmentNotice requirements.
35.21.960Removal of restrictive covenantsHearing, notice.
35.21.965Voluntary change to electoral system.
35.21.970Assessment and mitigation of negative impact on parking when constructing or operating a public facility in certain neighborhoods.
35.21.980ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


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