Chapter 31.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 31.12.003FindingsIntent1997 c 397.
HTMLPDF 31.12.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 31.12.015Declaration of policy.
HTMLPDF 31.12.025Use of words in name.
HTMLPDF 31.12.035Application for permission to organizeApproval.
HTMLPDF 31.12.055Manner of organizingArticles of incorporationSubmission to director.
HTMLPDF 31.12.065BylawsSubmission to director.
HTMLPDF 31.12.075Approval, denial of proposed credit unionAppeal.
HTMLPDF 31.12.085Filing upon approvalFeeNotice to directorAuthority to commence business.
HTMLPDF 31.12.105Amendment to articles of incorporationApproval of directorProcedure.
HTMLPDF 31.12.115Amendment to bylawsApproval of director requiredProcedure.
HTMLPDF 31.12.185Annual membership meetings.
HTMLPDF 31.12.195Special membership meetings.
HTMLPDF 31.12.225Board of directorsElection of directorsTermsVacanciesMeetingsRules.
HTMLPDF 31.12.235DirectorsQualificationsOperating officers and employees may serve.
HTMLPDF 31.12.246Removal of directors and supervisory committee membersInterim directors and supervisory committee members.
HTMLPDF 31.12.251Removal of directorsNo quorum.
HTMLPDF 31.12.255Board of directorsPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 31.12.265Officers.
HTMLPDF 31.12.267OfficialsFiduciary dutyInformation relied onDefinition.
HTMLPDF 31.12.269Directors and committee membersLimitations on personal liabilityExceptions.
HTMLPDF 31.12.285Suspension of members of board or supervisory committee by boardFor cause.
HTMLPDF 31.12.326Supervisory committeeMembershipTermsVacanciesOperating officers and employees may not serveAudit committee alternative.
HTMLPDF 31.12.335Supervisory committeeDuties.
HTMLPDF 31.12.345Suspension of members of a committee or members of the board by supervisory committeeFor cause.
HTMLPDF 31.12.365Directors and supervisory committee membersCompensationReimbursementRules.
HTMLPDF 31.12.367RiskBond coverageNotice to directorTiming.
HTMLPDF 31.12.372Director may suspend any person, reasonNoticeInjunctions.
HTMLPDF 31.12.382Limitation on membership.
HTMLPDF 31.12.384Membership.
HTMLPDF 31.12.386Voting rightsMethodsProxyUnder eighteen years of age.
HTMLPDF 31.12.388Expulsion of memberChallengeShare and deposit accounts.
HTMLPDF 31.12.402Powers.
HTMLPDF 31.12.404Additional powersAuthority of director.
HTMLPDF 31.12.408Insurance required after December 31, 1998Federal share insurance program or an equivalent share insurance programDirector's findings.
HTMLPDF 31.12.413Low-income credit unionsDirector's approval requiredPowersRules.
HTMLPDF 31.12.416Shares and deposits governed by chapter 30.22 RCWLimitation on shares and depositsNotice of withdrawalLien rights.
HTMLPDF 31.12.418Dividends.
HTMLPDF 31.12.426LoansSecured or unsecured loans.
HTMLPDF 31.12.428Limit on loan amount.
HTMLPDF 31.12.436Investment of fundsWhen investment later becomes impermissible.
HTMLPDF 31.12.438Investment in real property or leasehold interestsLimitationsRules.
HTMLPDF 31.12.461Mergers.
HTMLPDF 31.12.464Merger or conversion of state into federal, out-of-state, or foreign credit union, or other type of financial institution.
HTMLPDF 31.12.467Merger or conversion of federal, out-of-state, or foreign to state credit union.
HTMLPDF 31.12.471Authority of out-of-state or foreign credit union to operate in this stateConditionsRules.
HTMLPDF 31.12.474LiquidationDisposition of unclaimed funds.
HTMLPDF 31.12.516Powers of director.
HTMLPDF 31.12.518Powers of director under chapter 19.144 RCW.
HTMLPDF 31.12.545Examinations and investigationsReportsAccess to recordsOathsSubpoenas.
HTMLPDF 31.12.565Examination reports and specified other information confidentialExceptionsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 31.12.567ReportsFinancial and statistical dataAs required by director.
HTMLPDF 31.12.569Generally accepted accounting principles.
HTMLPDF 31.12.571Notice of intent to establish branchAnother state or foreign jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 31.12.575Removal or prohibition ordersDirector's authorityNotice.
HTMLPDF 31.12.580Contents of notice under RCW 31.12.575HearingOrder.
HTMLPDF 31.12.585Prohibited actsNoticeCease and desist order.
HTMLPDF 31.12.595Temporary cease and desist orderNoticePrincipal place of businessSuperior court.
HTMLPDF 31.12.625Administrative hearingProcedures.
HTMLPDF 31.12.630Authority of director to call special meeting of board.
HTMLPDF 31.12.633Authority of director to attend meetings of the board.
HTMLPDF 31.12.637Intervention by directorConditions.
HTMLPDF 31.12.641Supervision by directorNoticeComplianceCosts.
HTMLPDF 31.12.644Supervision by directorCertain acts prohibited.
HTMLPDF 31.12.647Supervision by directorCredit union request for review.
HTMLPDF 31.12.651ConservatorAuthorized actionsCosts.
HTMLPDF 31.12.654Actions by conservatorReview.
HTMLPDF 31.12.657Lawsuits during period of conservatorship.
HTMLPDF 31.12.661Conservator serves until purposes are accomplished.
HTMLPDF 31.12.664LiquidationSuspension or revocation of articlesPlacement in involuntary liquidationAppointment of liquidating agentNoticeProcedureEffect.
HTMLPDF 31.12.667Order directing involuntary liquidationProcedure.
HTMLPDF 31.12.671ReceivershipAppointment of receiver by directorNoticeAct without bond.
HTMLPDF 31.12.674Director's ordersNotice to director of hearingHearingPrincipal place of businessSuperior court.
HTMLPDF 31.12.677Powers and duties of receiver.
HTMLPDF 31.12.681Claims against credit union in receivershipNotice.
HTMLPDF 31.12.684Receiver shall inventory assetsFile lists of assets and claimsObjections to approved claims.
HTMLPDF 31.12.687Expenses incurred by receiver.
HTMLPDF 31.12.691Liquidation dividendsApproval of court.
HTMLPDF 31.12.694Remaining assetsDistribution.
HTMLPDF 31.12.697Unclaimed liquidation dividends.
HTMLPDF 31.12.701Personal propertyReceiver's duties.
HTMLPDF 31.12.704Proceeds of saleDeposit or payment by receiver.
HTMLPDF 31.12.707Completion of receivershipMerger, purchase, or liquidationSecretary of state.
HTMLPDF 31.12.711Director may terminate receivershipExpenses.
HTMLPDF 31.12.714Receivership files.
HTMLPDF 31.12.717Pendency of proceedings for review of appointment of receiverLiabilities of credit unionAvailability of relevant data.
HTMLPDF 31.12.721Appointment by court of temporary receiverNotice to director.
HTMLPDF 31.12.724Actions that are voidFelonious conductPenalties.
HTMLPDF 31.12.726Conservator or receiver may terminate or adopt executory contractsTimingBinding termsLiability.
HTMLPDF 31.12.728Applicability of general receivership law.
HTMLPDF 31.12.850Prohibited actsCriminal penalties.
HTMLPDF 31.12.853Prohibited actsCivil penaltiesRules.
HTMLPDF 31.12.860Taxation of credit unions.
HTMLPDF 31.12.890Satellite facilities.
HTMLPDF 31.12.891Automated teller machines and night depositories security.
HTMLPDF 31.12.902Short title.
HTMLPDF 31.12.906Effective date1997 c 397.
HTMLPDF 31.12.909ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
HTMLPDF 31.12.910Effective date2010 c 87.


Business license system exemption: RCW 19.02.800.
Fairness in lending act: RCW 30A.04.500 through 30A.04.515.