Chapter 29A.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 29A.24.010Officials to designate position numbers, whenEffect.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.020Designation of short terms, full terms, and unexpired termsFiling declarationsElection to both short and full terms.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.031Declaration of candidacy.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.040Declaration of candidacyElectronic filing.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.050Declaration of candidacyCertain offices, when filed.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.060Candidates' namesNicknames.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.070Declaration of candidacyWhere filedCopy to public disclosure commission.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.072Preservation of declarations of candidacy.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.075Qualifications for filing, appearance on ballot.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.081DeclarationFiling by mail.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.091DeclarationFees and petitions.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.095Distribution of filing fees.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.101Filing fee petitionForm.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.111PetitionsRejectionAcceptance, canvass of signaturesJudicial review.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.131Withdrawal of candidacy.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.141Void in candidacy.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.171Vacancies in office.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.181Regular filing periodVoids in candidacy.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.191Scheduled election lapses, when.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.201Lapse of election when no filing for single positionsEffect.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.220Void in candidacy for water-sewer districtsFewer than one hundred residents.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.311Write-in votingCandidates, declaration.
HTMLPDF 29A.24.320Write-in candidatesNotice to auditors, ballot counters.