Chapter 29A.72 RCW



29A.72.010Filing proposed measures with secretary of state.
29A.72.020Review of proposed initiativesCertificate required.
29A.72.025Fiscal impact statements.
29A.72.030Time for filing various types.
29A.72.040NumberingTransmittal to attorney general.
29A.72.050Ballot titleFormulation, ballot display.
29A.72.060Ballot title and summary by attorney general.
29A.72.070Ballot title and summaryNotice.
29A.72.080Ballot title and summaryAppeal to superior court.
29A.72.090Ballot title and summaryMailed to proponents and other personsAppearance on petitions.
29A.72.110Petitions to legislatureForm.
29A.72.120Petitions to peopleForm.
29A.72.130Referendum petitionsForm.
29A.72.140Warning statementFurther requirements.
29A.72.150PetitionsSignaturesNumber necessary.
29A.72.160PetitionsTime for filing.
29A.72.170PetitionsAcceptance or rejection by secretary of state.
29A.72.180PetitionsReview of refusal to file.
29A.72.190PetitionsAppellate review.
29A.72.200PetitionsDestruction on final refusal.
29A.72.210PetitionsConsolidation into volumes.
29A.72.230PetitionsVerification and canvass of signatures, observersStatistical samplingInitiatives to legislature, certification of.
29A.72.240Count of signaturesReview.
29A.72.250Initiatives and referenda to the peopleCertificates of sufficiency.
29A.72.260Rejected initiatives to legislature.
29A.72.270Alternatives to initiatives to the legislature.
29A.72.280Concise description for alternative to initiative to the legislature.
29A.72.283Advisory vote on tax legislationShort description.
29A.72.285Advisory vote on tax legislationShort description filing and transmittal.
29A.72.290Printing ballot titles and short descriptions on ballotsSeparate headings.