Chapter 29A.36 RCW



29A.36.010Certifying primary candidates.
29A.36.020Constitutional measuresBallot titleFormulation, ballot display, certification.
29A.36.030Constitutional measuresBallot titleFiling.
29A.36.040Constitutional questionsNotice of ballot title and summary.
29A.36.060Constitutional questionsBallot titleAppeal.
29A.36.071Local measuresBallot titleFormulationAdvertising.
29A.36.080Local measuresBallot titleNotice.
29A.36.090Local measuresBallot titleAppeal.
29A.36.101Names on primary ballot.
29A.36.111Uniformity, arrangement, contents requiredContracts with vendors.
29A.36.115Provisional ballots.
29A.36.121Order of positions or offices.
29A.36.131Order of candidates on ballots.
29A.36.151Sample ballots.
29A.36.161Arrangement of instructions, measures, officesOrder of candidates.
29A.36.170Top two candidates qualified for general electionException (as amended by 2013 c 11).
29A.36.170Top two candidates qualified for general election (as amended by 2013 c 143).
29A.36.180Disqualified candidates in nonpartisan electionsSpecial procedures for conduct of election.
29A.36.201Names qualified to appear on election ballot.
29A.36.210Property tax leviesBallot form.
29A.36.220Expense of printing and mailing ballots, envelopes, and instructions.
29A.36.230Regional transportation investment district and regional transit authority single ballot.


No link between voter and ballot choiceException: RCW 29A.08.161.