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Electronic job bank.

(1) The college board shall create an electronic job bank on its website to act as a clearinghouse for people seeking academic teaching positions at the state's community and technical colleges. The job bank must be accessible on the internet. Use of the electronic job bank is not mandatory.
(2) The college board shall include a separate section on its electronic job bank reserved for the exclusive listing of part-time academic employment opportunities at state community and technical colleges.
(3) The separate section of the electronic job bank under subsection (2) of this section must, at a minimum, include an internet link to each of the following components, if available from the community or technical college offering the employment opportunity:
(a) A description of the open position;
(b) A listing of required skills and experience necessary for the position; and
(c) The district where the employment opening exists.
(4) The college board shall develop a strategy to promote its electronic job bank to prospective candidates.
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