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Chapter 28B.118 RCW



HTMLPDF 28B.118.005IntentFinding.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.010Program design and student eligibility.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.020Duties of the office of the superintendent of public instruction.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.030Duty of school districtsNotification.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.040Duties of the office of student financial assistance.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.050Grants, gifts, bequests, and devises.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.060Rules.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.075Caseload estimate.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.080Advising resourcesIdentification of officials, resources, programs, and students.
HTMLPDF 28B.118.090Transmitting data to the education data centerAnnual report.