Chapter 26.33 RCW



26.33.030PetitionsPlace of filingConsolidation of petitions and hearings.
26.33.040PetitionsApplication of federal Indian child welfare actRequirementsFederal servicemembers civil relief act statement and findings.
26.33.045Delay or denial of adoption on basis of race, color, or national origin prohibitedConsideration in placementExceptionTraining.
26.33.050Validity of consents, relinquishments, or orders of termination from other jurisdictionsBurden of proof.
26.33.070Appointment of guardian ad litemWhen requiredPayment of fees.
26.33.080Petition for relinquishmentFilingWritten consent required.
26.33.090Petition for relinquishmentHearingTemporary custody orderNoticeOrder of relinquishment.
26.33.100Petition for terminationWho may fileContentsTime.
26.33.110Petition for terminationTime and place of hearingNotice of hearing and petitionContents.
26.33.120TerminationGroundsFailure to appear.
26.33.130Termination orderEffect.
26.33.140Who may adopt or be adopted.
26.33.150Petition for adoptionFilingContentsPreplacement report required.
26.33.160Consent to adoptionWhen revocableProcedure.
26.33.170Consent to adoptionWhen not required.
26.33.180Preplacement report required before placement with adoptive parentsException.
26.33.190Preplacement reportRequirementsFees.
26.33.200Post-placement reportRequirementsExceptionFees.
26.33.210Preplacement or post-placement reportDepartment or agency may make report.
26.33.220Preplacement and post-placement reportsWhen not required.
26.33.230Notice of proceedings at which preplacement reports consideredContentsProof of serviceAppearanceWaiver.
26.33.240Petition for adoptionHearingNoticeDisposition.
26.33.250Decree of adoptionDetermination of place and date of birth.
26.33.260Decree of adoptionEffectAccelerated appealLimited grounds to challengeIntent.
26.33.270Decree of adoptionProtection of certain rights and benefits.
26.33.280Decree of adoptionTransmittal to state registrar of vital statistics.
26.33.290Decree of adoptionDuties of state registrar of vital statistics.
26.33.295Open adoption agreementsAgreed ordersEnforcement.
26.33.300Adoption statistical data.
26.33.320Adoption of hard to place childrenCourt's consideration of state's agreement with prospective adoptive parents.
26.33.330Records sealedInspectionFee.
26.33.340Department, agency, and court files confidentialLimited disclosure of information.
26.33.343Search for birth parent or adopted childConfidential intermediary.
26.33.345Search for birth parent or adopted childLimited release of informationNoncertified copies of original birth certificateContact preference form.
26.33.347Consent or refusal to release adoptee's identifying informationDesire to be contactedCertified statement.
26.33.350Medical reportsRequirements.
26.33.360Petition by natural parent to set aside adoptionCostsTime limit.
26.33.370Permanent care and custody of a childAssumption, relinquishment, or transfer except by court order or statute, when prohibitedPenalty.
26.33.380Family and social history report requiredIdentity of birth parents confidential.
26.33.385Standards for locating records and informationRules.
26.33.390Information on adoption-related services.
26.33.400AdvertisementsProhibitionsExceptionsApplication of consumer protection act.
26.33.420Postadoption contact between siblingsIntentFindings.
26.33.430Postadoption contact between siblingsDuty of court.
26.33.900Effective dateApplication1984 c 155.
26.33.902ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
26.33.903ConstructionReligious or nonprofit organizations.


Child selling and child buying, class C felony: RCW 9A.64.030.
Dependent and delinquent children: Title 13 RCW.
Descent and distributionAdopted children: Chapter 11.04 RCW.
Paternity, determination: Chapter 26.26A RCW.
Welfare agencies for children: Title 13 RCW.