Chapter 26.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 26.28.010Age of majority.
HTMLPDF 26.28.015Age of majority for enumerated specific purposes.
HTMLPDF 26.28.020Married personsWhen deemed of full age.
HTMLPDF 26.28.030Contracts of minorsDisaffirmance.
HTMLPDF 26.28.040Disaffirmance barred in certain cases.
HTMLPDF 26.28.050Satisfaction of minor's contract for services.
HTMLPDF 26.28.060Child laborPenalty.
HTMLPDF 26.28.070Certain types of employment prohibitedPenalty.
HTMLPDF 26.28.080Selling or giving tobacco to minorBelief of representative capacity, no defensePenalty.
HTMLPDF 26.28.085Applying tattoo to a minorPenalty.
HTMLPDF 26.28.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Alcoholic beverage control
furnishing liquor to minorsPossession, use: RCW 66.44.270.
minor applying for permit: RCW 66.44.280.
minor purchasing liquor: RCW 66.44.290.
minors frequenting off-limits areaMisrepresenting age: RCW 66.44.310.
treating minor, etc., in tavern: RCW 66.44.300.
BaseballContracts with minors: Chapter 67.04 RCW.
labor: Chapter 49.12 RCW.
support enforcement: Chapter 26.18 RCW.
welfare agencies: Chapter 74.15 RCW.
Children and youth services: Chapter 72.05 RCW.
Civil defenseMinors entitled to benefits: RCW 38.52.270.
Costs (civil) against guardian of infant plaintiff: RCW 4.84.140.
Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.
Crimes and punishment
firearms, dangerous weapons
delivery to ineligible persons: RCW 9.41.080.
possession of pistol or semiautomatic assault rifle by person from eighteen to twenty-one: RCW 9.41.240.
frauds and swindles, substitution of child: RCW 9.45.020.
kidnapping: Chapter 9A.40 RCW.
leaving children unattended in parked automobile: RCW 9.91.060.
obscenityObscene literature: Chapter 9.68 RCW.
sex crimes: Chapter 9A.44 RCW.
District courts (civil)
action against infantGuardian ad litem: RCW 12.04.150.
commencement of actionsAction by infant: RCW 12.04.140.
Family abandonment or nonsupport: Chapter 26.20 RCW.
Firearm training program: RCW 77.32.155.
Game and game fishAreas may be set aside for use of minors: RCW 77.12.330.
Green Hill School: Chapter 72.16 RCW.
Health care records, rights: RCW 70.02.130.
Hours of labor: Chapter 49.28 RCW.
Juvenile courts and juvenile offenders: Title 13 RCW.
Limitation of actions (civil)
minors suing guardians for estates sold: RCW 4.16.070.
statutes tolled by personal disability: RCW 4.16.190.
Maple Lane School: Chapter 72.20 RCW.
Medical consent, liability of provider: RCW 26.09.310.
Mental health treatment: Chapter 71.34 RCW.
Missing children clearinghouse and hotline: Chapter 13.60 RCW.
Motor vehicle operators' licenses
application of person under eighteenSignature of parent, etc.: RCW 46.20.100.
juvenile agricultural driving permits: RCW 46.20.070.
persons ineligible, generally: RCW 46.20.031.
Parties to actions (civil)Guardian ad litem for infant: RCW 4.08.050.
guardian may consent to partition: RCW 7.52.470.
infant's share of proceeds to guardian: RCW 7.52.450.
descent and distribution to legitimate, illegitimate, adopted children: Chapter 11.04 RCW.
escheatsLimitation when claimant is minor: RCW 11.08.280.
letters testamentary and of administrationProcedure during minority or absence of executor: RCW 11.28.040.
Property taxesCertificate of delinquencyRedemption before deedMinors and legally incompetent: RCW 84.64.070.
Recognizances for minors: RCW 10.16.150.
Savings and loan associations, minors as members: RCW 33.20.040.
Schools and colleges, generally: Titles 28A and 28B RCW.
Sexual psychopaths and psychopathic delinquents: Chapter 71.06 RCW.
Sexually transmitted diseases: RCW 70.24.110.
Shoplifting by minors, liability of parents, guardians: RCW 4.24.230.
Special educationChildren with handicapping conditions: Chapter 28A.155 RCW.
Special rights of action (civil)
action by parent for sale or transfer of controlled substance to minor: RCW 69.50.414.
action by parent for seduction of child: RCW 4.24.020.
action for injury or death of child: RCW 4.24.010.
State school for blind and deafWho may be admitted: RCW 72.40.040.
State school for girls: Chapter 72.20 RCW.
State training school for boys: Chapter 72.16 RCW.
Survival of actions (civil)Action for personal injury survives: RCW 4.20.060.
Temporary assistance for needy families: Chapter 74.12 RCW.
Unemployment compensation, "employment"Newspaper delivery person exemption: RCW 50.04.240.
Uniform transfers to minors act: Chapter 11.114 RCW.
Uniform veterans' guardianship actGuardian for minor: RCW 73.36.060.
Worker's compensation"Child" defined: RCW 51.08.030.