Chapter 26.09 RCW



26.09.006Mandatory use of approved forms.
26.09.010Civil practice to governDesignation of proceedingsDecrees.
26.09.013Interpretive servicesLiteracy assistanceGuardian ad litem chargesTelephone or interactive videoconference participationResidential time in cases involving domestic violence or child abuseDisclosure of informationSupervised visitation and safe exchange centers.
26.09.015Mediation proceedings.
26.09.016Mediation in cases involving domestic violence or child abuse.
26.09.020PetitionDissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, legal separation, or for a declaration concerning validity of marriage or domestic partnershipContentsPartiesCertificate.
26.09.030Petition for dissolution of marriage or domestic partnershipCourt proceedings, findingsTransfer to family courtLegal separation in lieu of dissolution.
26.09.040Petition to have marriage or domestic partnership declared invalid or judicial determination of validityProcedureFindingsGroundsLegitimacy of children.
26.09.050DecreesContentsRestraining ordersEnforcementNotice of termination or modification of restraining order.
26.09.060Temporary maintenance or child supportTemporary restraining orderPreliminary injunctionDomestic violence or antiharassment protection orderNotice of termination or modification of restraining orderSupport debts, notice.
26.09.070Separation contracts.
26.09.080Disposition of property and liabilitiesFactors.
26.09.090Maintenance orders for either spouse or either domestic partnerFactors.
26.09.100Child supportApportionment of expensePeriodic adjustments or modifications.
26.09.105Child supportMedical supportConditions.
26.09.110Minor or dependent childCourt appointed attorney to representPayment of costs, fees, and disbursements.
26.09.120Support or maintenance paymentsTo whom paid.
26.09.135Order or decree for child supportCompliance with RCW 26.23.050.
26.09.138Mandatory assignment of public retirement benefitsRemedies exclusive.
26.09.140Payment of costs, attorneys' fees, etc.
26.09.150Decree of dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, legal separation, or declaration of invalidityFinalityAppealConversion of decree of legal separation to decree of dissolutionName of party.
26.09.160Failure to comply with decree or temporary injunctionObligation to make support or maintenance payments or permit contact with children not suspendedPenalties.
26.09.165Court ordersRequired language.
26.09.170Modification of decree for maintenance or support, property dispositionTermination of maintenance obligation and child supportGrounds.
26.09.175Modification of order of child support.
26.09.181Procedure for determining permanent parenting plan.
26.09.182Permanent parenting planDetermination of relevant information.
26.09.184Permanent parenting plan.
26.09.187Criteria for establishing permanent parenting plan.
26.09.191Restrictions in temporary or permanent parenting plans.
26.09.194Proposed temporary parenting planTemporary orderAmendmentVacation of order.
26.09.197Issuance of temporary parenting planCriteria.
26.09.210Parenting plansInterview with child by courtAdvice of professional personnel.
26.09.220Parenting arrangementsInvestigation and reportAppointment of guardian ad litem.
26.09.225Access to child's education and health care records.
26.09.231Residential time summary report.
26.09.255Remedies when a child is taken, enticed, or concealed.
26.09.260Modification of parenting plan or custody decree.
26.09.270Child custodyTemporary custody order, temporary parenting plan, or modification of custody decreeAffidavits required.
26.09.280Parenting plan or child support modification or enforcementVenue.
26.09.285Designation of custody for the purpose of other state and federal statutes.
26.09.290Final decree of dissolution nunc pro tunc.
26.09.300Restraining ordersNoticeRefusal to complyArrestPenaltyDefensePeace officers, immunity.
26.09.310Provision of health care to minorImmunity of health care provider.
26.09.315Child custody issuesAbduction by parentInformation.
26.09.320Child supportProcedures for abatement based on incarcerationRebuttable presumption of inability to payReinstatement of support obligation.
26.09.325Child supportWho may make request for abatement based on incarcerationProcedures when multiple orders requiring incarcerated person to pay support exist.
26.09.330Child supportDepartment duties when order contains abatement language and obligated person is incarceratedProcedures.
26.09.335Child supportDepartment duties when order does not contain abatement language and obligated person is incarceratedProcedures.
26.09.340Child supportRequests for reversal or termination of abatement based on incarcerationProcedures.
26.09.420Grant of authority.
26.09.430Notice requirement.
26.09.440NoticeContents and delivery.
26.09.450NoticeRelocation within the same school district.
26.09.460Limitation of notices.
26.09.470Failure to give notice.
26.09.480Objection to relocation or proposed revised residential schedule.
26.09.490Required provision in residential orders.
26.09.500Failure to object.
26.09.510Temporary orders.
26.09.520Basis for determination.
26.09.525Substantially equal residential time.
26.09.530Factor not to be considered.
26.09.540Objections by nonparents.
26.09.560Priority for hearing.
26.09.900ConstructionPending divorce actions.
26.09.901Conversion of pending action to dissolution proceeding.
26.09.902RCW 26.09.900 and 26.09.901 deemed in effect on July 16, 1973.
26.09.907ConstructionPending actions as of January 1, 1988.
26.09.909Decrees entered into prior to January 1, 1988.
26.09.910Short title1987 c 460.
26.09.911Section captions1987 c 460.
26.09.912Effective date1987 c 460.
26.09.915ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
26.09.916Rule-making authority2020 c 227.


Child support enforcement: Chapter 26.18 RCW.
Child support registry: Chapter 26.23 RCW.
Domestic violence prevention: Chapter 26.50 RCW.
Living in marital relationship within state submits person to state jurisdiction as to proceedings under this chapter: RCW 4.28.185.
Missing children clearinghouse and hotline: Chapter 13.60 RCW.
ProcessDomestic relations actions: Rules of court: CR 4.1.
Uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act: Chapter 26.27 RCW.