Title 24 RCW

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24.03AWashington nonprofit corporation act.
24.06Nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual corporations act.
24.12Corporations sole.
24.20Fraternal societies.
24.24Building corporations composed of fraternal society members.
24.34Agricultural processing and marketing associations.
24.36Fish marketing act.
24.40Tax reform act of 1969, state implementationNot for profit corporations.
24.46Foreign trade zones.
24.50Washington manufacturing services.
24.55Prudent management of institutional funds act.
24.60Intrastate building safety mutual aid system.


Acknowledgment form, corporations: RCW 64.08.070.
Actions by and against public corporations: RCW 4.08.110, 4.08.120.
Constitutional provisions, generally: State Constitution Art. 12.
Consumer loan act: Chapter 31.04 RCW.
Contribution of corporate funds, public, charitable, etc., purposes: RCW 23B.03.020(2)(o).
Crimes relating to corporations: Chapter 9.24 RCW.
Criminal procedure: RCW 10.01.070 through 10.01.100.
Dentistry, practice or solicitation prohibited: RCW 18.32.675.
Doing business without license, gross misdemeanor: RCW 9.24.040.
Eminent domain by corporations: Chapter 8.20 RCW.
False statements, penalty for filing: RCW 43.07.210.
Foreign corporations
generally: RCW 23B.16.220 and chapters 23B.01 and 23B.15 RCW.
nonadmitted, powers relative to secured interests: Chapter 23B.18 RCW.
Legal services, advertising of, penalty: RCW 30A.04.260.
Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed by secretary of state: RCW 43.07.140.
Partnerships: Title 25 RCW.
"Person" defined: RCW 1.16.080.
Seals, effect of: RCW 64.04.105.
Secretary of state, duties: Chapter 43.07 RCW.