Chapter 2.40 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.40.010Witness fees and mileage.
HTMLPDF 2.40.020Witness fee and mileage in civil cases demandable in advance.
HTMLPDF 2.40.030Travel expense in lieu of mileage in certain cases.
HTMLPDF 2.40.040Attorney of record not entitled to witness fee in case.


Discovery and depositions: Title 5 RCW; see also Rules of Court: CR 26 through 37.
District courts, witnesses: Chapter 12.16 RCW.
Utilities and transportation commission proceedings, witness fees: RCW 80.04.040, 81.04.040.
Witness fees and mileage in criminal cases: RCW 10.01.130, 10.01.140, 10.52.040.
Witnesses: Chapters 5.56 and 5.60 RCW.