Chapter 19.52 RCW



19.52.005Declaration of policy.
19.52.010Rate in absence of agreementException for prejudgment interestApplication to consumer leases.
19.52.020Highest rate permissibleSetup charges.
19.52.025Computation of ratesPublication in the Washington State Register.
19.52.030UsuryPenalty upon suit on contractCosts and attorneys' fees.
19.52.032Declaratory judgment action to establish usuryTime limitations for commencing.
19.52.034Application of chapter 19.52 RCW to loan or forbearance made outside state.
19.52.036Application of consumer protection act.
19.52.060Interest on charges in excess of published rates.
19.52.080Defense of usury or maintaining action thereon prohibited if transaction primarily agricultural, commercial, investment, or businessException.
19.52.090Defense of usury or maintaining action thereon prohibited for certain types of transactions after May 1, 1980, and prior to March 1, 1981.
19.52.100Chapter not applicable to retail installment transactions.
19.52.110Limitations in chapter not applicable to interest charged by broker-dealersWhen.
19.52.120Sales contract providing for deferred payment of purchase price not subject to chapter.
19.52.130Charge made by assignee of retail installment contract or charge agreement to seller-assignor not limited by chapterNo agreement between credit card issuing bank and retailer shall prohibit discounts for cash payment.
19.52.140Chapter not applicable to interest, penalties, or costs on delinquent property taxes.
19.52.160Chapter not applicable to mobile homes.
19.52.170Chapter not applicable to certain loans from tax-qualified retirement plan.
19.52.900ApplicationConstruction1981 c 78.


rates on pledged property: RCW 19.60.060.
rates on warrants: Chapter 39.56 RCW.
Retail installment sales of goods and services: Chapter 63.14 RCW.