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In this chapter, the underground utility damage prevention act, the legislature intends to protect public health and safety and prevent disruption of vital utility services through a comprehensive damage prevention program that includes:
(1) Assigning responsibility for providing notice of proposed excavation, locating and marking underground utilities, and reporting and repairing damage;
(2) Setting safeguards for construction and excavation near hazardous liquid and gas pipelines;
(3) Improving worker and public knowledge of safe practices;
(4) Collecting and analyzing damage data;
(5) Reviewing alleged violations; and
(6) Enforcing this chapter.


Report2011 c 263: "By December 1, 2015, the utilities and transportation commission must report to the appropriate committees of the legislature on the effectiveness of the damage prevention program established under chapter 19.122 RCW. The legislative report required under this section must include analysis of damage data reported under section 20 of this act." [ 2011 c 263 § 26.]
Effective date2012 c 96; 2011 c 263: "Except for section 18 of this act (chapter 263, Laws of 2011), this act takes effect January 1, 2013." [ 2012 c 96 § 2; 2011 c 263 § 27.]
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