Chapter 18.96 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.96.010Evidence of qualifications required.
HTMLPDF 18.96.020Use of titles, descriptions, and phrasesLicense or authorization required.
HTMLPDF 18.96.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.96.040Licensure board for landscape architectsMembersQualifications.
HTMLPDF 18.96.060BoardAdoption of rulesExecutive director.
HTMLPDF 18.96.070Qualifications of applicants.
HTMLPDF 18.96.080Applications for licensure and examinationsFees.
HTMLPDF 18.96.090Examinations.
HTMLPDF 18.96.100Reciprocity.
HTMLPDF 18.96.110Renewals.
HTMLPDF 18.96.120Unprofessional conductGrounds for disciplinary action.
HTMLPDF 18.96.140Reissuance of lost or destroyed certificates.
HTMLPDF 18.96.150Certificates of licensureIssuanceContentsSeal.
HTMLPDF 18.96.180Certificate of licensure suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 18.96.200Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
HTMLPDF 18.96.210Landscape architects' license account.
HTMLPDF 18.96.220ApplicationProfessions and activities not affected.
HTMLPDF 18.96.230Military training or experience.
HTMLPDF 18.96.901ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Public contracts for architectural services: Chapter 39.80 RCW.