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Violations relating to mobile/manufactured homes.

The legislature finds that setting up and siting mobile/manufactured homes must be done properly for the health, safety, and enjoyment of the occupants. Therefore, when any of the following cause a health and safety risk to the occupants of a mobile/manufactured home, or severely hinder the use and enjoyment of the mobile/manufactured home, a violation of RCW 19.86.020 shall have occurred:
(1) The mobile/manufactured home has been improperly installed by a contractor registered under chapter 18.27 RCW, or a mobile/manufactured dealer or manufacturer licensed under chapter 46.70 RCW;
(2) A warranty given under chapter 18.27 RCW or chapter 46.70 RCW has not been fulfilled by the person or business giving the warranty; and
(3) A bonding company that issues a bond under chapter 18.27 RCW or chapter 46.70 RCW does not reasonably and professionally investigate and resolve claims made by injured parties.
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