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"Chiropractic" defined.

(1) Chiropractic is the practice of health care that deals with the diagnosis or analysis and care or treatment of the vertebral subluxation complex and its effects, articular dysfunction, and musculoskeletal disorders, all for the restoration and maintenance of health and recognizing the recuperative powers of the body.
(2) Chiropractic treatment or care includes the use of procedures involving spinal adjustments and extremity manipulation. Chiropractic treatment also includes the use of heat, cold, water, exercise, massage, trigger point therapy, dietary advice and recommendation of nutritional supplementation, the normal regimen and rehabilitation of the patient, first aid, and counseling on hygiene, sanitation, and preventive measures. Chiropractic care also includes such physiological therapeutic procedures as traction and light, but does not include procedures involving the application of sound, diathermy, or electricity.
(3) As part of a chiropractic differential diagnosis, a chiropractor shall perform a physical examination, which may include diagnostic x-rays, to determine the appropriateness of chiropractic care or the need for referral to other health care providers. The chiropractic quality assurance commission shall provide by rule for the type and use of diagnostic and analytical devices and procedures consistent with this chapter.
(4) Chiropractic care shall not include the prescription or dispensing of any medicine or drug, the practice of obstetrics or surgery, the use of x-rays or any other form of radiation for therapeutic purposes, colonic irrigation, or any form of venipuncture.
(5) Nothing in this chapter prohibits or restricts any other practitioner of a "health profession" defined in RCW 18.120.020(4) from performing any functions or procedures the practitioner is licensed or permitted to perform, and the term "chiropractic" as defined in this chapter shall not prohibit a practitioner licensed under chapter 18.71 RCW from performing medical procedures, except such procedures shall not include the adjustment by hand of any articulation of the spine.


Intent1992 c 241: "This act is intended to expand the scope of practice of chiropractic only with regard to adjustment of extremities in connection with a spinal adjustment." [ 1992 c 241 § 1.]
Severability1974 ex.s. c 97: See note following RCW 18.25.0192.
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