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Temporary registration cardsRequirementsExpirationSuspension.

(1) A licensed private security company may issue an employee a temporary registration card of the type and form provided by the director, but only after the employee has completed preassignment training and submitted a full and complete application for a private security guard license to the department. The application must be mailed to the department within three business days after issuance of the temporary registration card. The temporary registration card is valid for a maximum period of sixty days and does not authorize a person to carry firearms during the performance of his or her duties as a private security guard. The temporary registration card permits the applicant to perform the duties of a private security guard for the issuing licensee.
(2) Upon expiration of a temporary registration card or upon the receipt of a permanent registration card or notification from the department that a permanent license is being withheld from an applicant, the applicant shall surrender his or her temporary registration card to the licensee.
(3) The director may suspend the authority to use temporary registration cards for a period of one year for any private security guard company that fails to comply with the provisions of this section. After the suspension period, the director may reinstate the company's use of temporary registration cards after receipt of a written request from the company.
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