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Private security company licenseRequirements, restrictionsQualifying agentAssignment or transfer of license.

(1) In addition to meeting the minimum requirements to obtain a license as a private security guard, an applicant, or, in the case of a partnership, each partner, or, in the case of a corporation, the qualifying agent must meet the following requirements to obtain a license to own or operate a private security company:
(a) Possess three years' experience as a manager, supervisor, or administrator in the private security business or a related field approved by the director, or be at least twenty-one years of age and pass an examination determined by the director to measure the person's knowledge and competence in the private security business;
(b) Meet the insurance requirements of this chapter; and
(c) Pay any additional fees established by the director.
(2) If the qualifying agent upon whom the licensee relies to comply with subsection (1) of this section ceases to perform his or her duties on a regular basis, the licensee must promptly notify the director by certified or registered mail. Within sixty days of sending notification to the director, the licensee must obtain a substitute qualifying agent who meets the requirements of this section. The director may extend the period for obtaining a substitute qualifying agent.
(3) A company license issued pursuant to this section may not be assigned or transferred without prior written approval of the director.
(4) No license to own or operate a private security guard company may be issued to an applicant if the name of the company portrays the company as a public law enforcement agency, or in association with a public law enforcement agency, or includes the word "police."
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