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License requiredExceptions.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to act as an auctioneer or for an auction company to engage in any business in this state without a license.
(2) This chapter does not apply to:
(a) An auction of goods conducted by an individual who personally owns those goods and who did not acquire those goods for resale;
(b) An auction conducted by or under the direction of a public authority;
(c) An auction held under judicial order in the settlement of a decedent's estate;
(d) An auction which is required by law to be at auction;
(e) An auction conducted by or on behalf of a political organization or a charitable corporation or association if the person conducting the sale receives no compensation;
(f) An auction of livestock or agricultural products which is conducted under chapter 16.65 or 20.01 RCW. Auctions not regulated under chapter 16.65 or 20.01 RCW shall be fully subject to the provisions of this chapter;
(g) An auction held under chapter 19.150 RCW;
(h) An auction of an abandoned vehicle under chapter 46.55 RCW; or
(i) An auction of fur pelts conducted by any cooperative association organized under chapter 23.86 RCW or its wholly owned subsidiary. In order to qualify for this exemption, the fur pelts must be from members of the association. However, the association, without loss of the exemption, may auction pelts that it purchased from nonmembers for the purpose of completing lots or orders, so long as the purchased pelts do not exceed fifteen percent of the total pelts auctioned.


Legislative finding1989 c 307: See note following RCW 23.86.007.
Application1989 c 307: See RCW 23.86.900.
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