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Continuing education.

(1) A person seeking a new license or to renew an existing license under this chapter must demonstrate a willingness to maintain a high level of professional competency by completing continuing education programs as required by the department by rule. The department shall not approve any continuing education program unless: (a) It is offered by an approved provider; (b) it is open to all persons licensed or pursuing a license under this chapter; and (c) the fees charged are reasonable for all persons desiring to attend the program.
(2) The department, in consultation with the technical advisory group created in RCW 18.104.190, shall adopt rules governing continuing education programs. At a minimum, the rules must establish: A method of approving providers of continuing education; a criteria to evaluate the offerings, workshops, courses, classes, or programs; a criteria for assigning credits; and a criteria for reporting and verifying completion.
(3) The department shall support approved providers by providing, upon request and at the department's discretion, technical assistance and presenters for continuing education offerings.
(4) The department shall maintain a current list of all continuing education offerings by approved providers and ensure that the list is available to all licensees by request. The list must also be posted on the department's website.
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