Chapter 15.80 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.80.300Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.80.410Director's duty to enforceAdoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 15.80.420Highway transport of commodities sold by weightWeighing requiredExceptions.
HTMLPDF 15.80.430Certificates of weight and invoices to be carried with loads.
HTMLPDF 15.80.440ReweighingWeighingVariance from invoiced weight.
HTMLPDF 15.80.450Weighmaster's licenseApplicationsFee.
HTMLPDF 15.80.460Weighmaster's licenseIssuanceExpiration date.
HTMLPDF 15.80.470Weighmaster's licenseRenewal datePenalty fee.
HTMLPDF 15.80.490Weigher's licenseEmployees or agents to issue weight ticketsApplicationFee.
HTMLPDF 15.80.500Weigher's licenseIssuanceExpiration date.
HTMLPDF 15.80.510Duties of weighmaster.
HTMLPDF 15.80.520Certification of weightsImpression sealFee.
HTMLPDF 15.80.530Certified weight ticketFormContentsEvidence.
HTMLPDF 15.80.540Certified weight ticketsRetention of copiesRecords.
HTMLPDF 15.80.550Weighmaster or weigher to determine weightsAutomatic devices.
HTMLPDF 15.80.560Weighing devices to be suitableTesting of weighing and measuring devices.
HTMLPDF 15.80.570Weighing devicesRated capacity to exceed weight of load.
HTMLPDF 15.80.580Weighing devicesPlatform size to sufficiently accommodate vehicles.
HTMLPDF 15.80.590Denial, suspension, or revocation of licensesHearing.
HTMLPDF 15.80.610SubpoenasOaths.
HTMLPDF 15.80.620Assuming to act as weighmaster or weigher.
HTMLPDF 15.80.630Falsifying weight tickets, weight or countUnlawfully delegatingPresealing before weighing.
HTMLPDF 15.80.640Writing, etc., false ticket or certificateInfluencePenalty.
HTMLPDF 15.80.650ViolationsPenaltyCriminalCivilOpportunity to request hearing.
HTMLPDF 15.80.660Collected moneys, civil penaltiesDeposit.
HTMLPDF 15.80.900Chapter cumulative.
HTMLPDF 15.80.910Effective date1969 ex.s. c 100.