Chapter 15.58 RCW



15.58.010Short title.
15.58.020Declaration of public interest.
15.58.040Director's authorityRules.
15.58.045Disposal of unusable pesticidesRules.
15.58.050Registration of pesticidesGenerally.
15.58.060Statement for registrationContents.
15.58.065Protection of privileged or confidential information.
15.58.070Pesticide annual registration feeExpiration of registrationsDeposit in agricultural local fund.
15.58.080Additional fee for late registration renewal.
15.58.090Certain agencies may register without feeNot subject to RCW 15.58.180.
15.58.100Criterion for registering.
15.58.110Refusing or canceling registrationProcedure.
15.58.120Suspension of registration when hazard to public health.
15.58.130"Misbranded" as applicable to pesticides, devices, or spray adjuvants.
15.58.140"Adulterated" as applicable to pesticides.
15.58.150Unlawful practices.
15.58.160Violations of chapter"Stop sale, use or removal" order.
15.58.170"Stop sale, use or removal" orderAdjudication.
15.58.180Pesticide dealer licenseGenerally.
15.58.200Pesticide dealer managerLicense qualifications.
15.58.205Structural pest inspector licensesRequiredExemptions.
15.58.206Structural pest inspector licensesExemptionHome inspectors.
15.58.207Structural pest inspector licensesExamination.
15.58.210Pest control consultant licensesRequiredExemptions.
15.58.220Public pest control consultant license.
15.58.230Consultant's licenseRequirements.
15.58.233Renewal of licensesRecertification standards.
15.58.235Renewal of licensesDelinquency.
15.58.240Classification of licensesExaminationsFees.
15.58.250Recordkeeping requirements.
15.58.260Civil penalties and/or denial, suspension, or revocation of license, registration or permit.
15.58.270SubpoenasWitness fees.
15.58.280Sampling and examination of pesticides or devicesProcedure when criminal proceedings contemplated.
15.58.290Minor violations, warning notice in writing.
15.58.300Persons exempted from certain penalties under RCW 15.58.150.
15.58.310Pesticides for foreign export not in violation of chapter.
15.58.320Certain pharmacists exempted from licensing provisions.
15.58.330Violation of chapterMisdemeanor.
15.58.335Civil penalty.
15.58.345DamagesCivil action not precluded.
15.58.350Persons charged with enforcement barred from interest in pesticides, devices.
15.58.360No recovery of damages when probable cause.
15.58.400Cooperation and agreements with other agencies.
15.58.405Emergency situationsSpecial local needsExperimental use permits.
15.58.411Use of license feesDeposit of money collected for civil penalties.
15.58.420Report to legislature.
15.58.445Wood destroying organism inspectionsLicense required.
15.58.450Wood destroying organism inspection reportUnique inspection control number required.
15.58.460Structural pest inspectorEvidence of financial responsibility requiredExemptions.
15.58.465Structural pest inspectorForms of evidence of financial responsibilityAmountTerms.
15.58.470Structural pest inspectorFailure to meet financial responsibility requirements.
15.58.480Educational materials regarding best practices for avoiding adverse effects from pesticides on pollinating insects.
15.58.910Continuation of rules adopted pursuant to repealed sections.
15.58.920Existing liabilities not affected.