Chapter 15.49 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.49.005PurposeRules.
HTMLPDF 15.49.011Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.49.021Standards and label requirementsRules.
HTMLPDF 15.49.031LabelsRequired information.
HTMLPDF 15.49.041ViolationsCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 15.49.051Unlawful practices.
HTMLPDF 15.49.061Exceptions.
HTMLPDF 15.49.071DamagesMediation prerequisite to legal action.
HTMLPDF 15.49.091MediationProcedure.
HTMLPDF 15.49.310Department to administer chapterRules and regulationsGuidance of federal seed act.
HTMLPDF 15.49.330ScreeningsRemoval requiredDisposition.
HTMLPDF 15.49.350Permit to condition certified seed.
HTMLPDF 15.49.360RecordsMaintenanceAvailability of records and samples for inspection.
HTMLPDF 15.49.370Department's enforcement authority.
HTMLPDF 15.49.380Dealer's license to distribute seeds.
HTMLPDF 15.49.390Renewal of dealer's license.
HTMLPDF 15.49.400Seed labeling permit.
HTMLPDF 15.49.410"Stop sale, use or removal orders"SeizureCondemnation.
HTMLPDF 15.49.420Damages precluded.
HTMLPDF 15.49.460Injunctions.
HTMLPDF 15.49.470Moneys, dispositionFees, fines, penalties and forfeitures of district courts, remittance.
HTMLPDF 15.49.480Cooperation and agreements with other agencies.
HTMLPDF 15.49.900Existing liabilities not affected.
HTMLPDF 15.49.930Continuation of rules adopted pursuant to repealed sectionsAdoption, amendment or repeal.
HTMLPDF 15.49.940Short title.