Chapter 15.115 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.115.010Legislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 15.115.020Regulations and restraints applicable to the wheat and barley industries.
HTMLPDF 15.115.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.115.040Washington grain commissionCreatedMembersTerm of office.
HTMLPDF 15.115.050Initial appointments to the Washington grain commissionExpiration of interim terms.
HTMLPDF 15.115.060Producer members of the commissionAppointmentNominationAdvisory ballot and advisory vote.
HTMLPDF 15.115.070Industry representative member of the commissionAppointment.
HTMLPDF 15.115.080Vacancy on the commission.
HTMLPDF 15.115.090Removal of a commission member.
HTMLPDF 15.115.100Membership in associations with similar objectivesContracting with such associations.
HTMLPDF 15.115.110MeetingsProposed budgetNoticeVoting requirements.
HTMLPDF 15.115.120Quorum requirementsCompensationTravel expenses.
HTMLPDF 15.115.130Transfer of powers, duties, assets, etc., to the Washington grain commission.
HTMLPDF 15.115.140Powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 15.115.150Director's duties.
HTMLPDF 15.115.160Rule-making proceedings.
HTMLPDF 15.115.170Liquor produced from wheat or barley.
HTMLPDF 15.115.180Promotional printing and literatureContracts.
HTMLPDF 15.115.190Handling, accounting, and disbursement of moneys.
HTMLPDF 15.115.200Bond requirements.
HTMLPDF 15.115.210Limitation of liability.
HTMLPDF 15.115.220Copies of proceedings, records, and acts of the commission admissible in court as prima facie evidence of the truth of the statements contained therein.
HTMLPDF 15.115.230Application of RCW 42.56.380Use of commercial information and records.
HTMLPDF 15.115.240Commission shall reimburse department for certain costsFunding of staff support.
HTMLPDF 15.115.250Preparation of lists of producers and handlers of wheat and barley.
HTMLPDF 15.115.260Annual assessmentsAdjustmentsReferendumTemporary reductionLimit on annual assessment.
HTMLPDF 15.115.270Collection of assessmentFailure to pay assessmentCivil actionVenue.
HTMLPDF 15.115.280Use of moneys received by the commission under this chapter.
HTMLPDF 15.115.290Investment of funds of the commission.
HTMLPDF 15.115.300Proof of eligibility to vote or hold a position on the commissionRecordsInspection by commissionConfidentiality of informationLimitation of section.
HTMLPDF 15.115.310PenaltiesInjunctionsReferring a violation to the county prosecutorJurisdiction.