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Chapter 13.38 RCW



HTMLPDF 13.38.010Short title.
HTMLPDF 13.38.020Application.
HTMLPDF 13.38.030Findings and intent.
HTMLPDF 13.38.040Definitions.
HTMLPDF 13.38.050Determination of Indian status.
HTMLPDF 13.38.060Jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 13.38.070NoticeProceduresDetermination of Indian status.
HTMLPDF 13.38.080Transfer of jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 13.38.090Right to intervene.
HTMLPDF 13.38.100Full faith and credit.
HTMLPDF 13.38.110Right to counsel.
HTMLPDF 13.38.120Right to examine reports, other documents.
HTMLPDF 13.38.130Involuntary foster care placement, termination of parental rightsDeterminationQualified expert witness.
HTMLPDF 13.38.140Emergency removal or placement of Indian childNotice.
HTMLPDF 13.38.150Consent to foster care placement or termination of parental rightsWithdrawal.
HTMLPDF 13.38.160Improper removal of Indian child.
HTMLPDF 13.38.170Removal of Indian child from adoptive or foster care placement.
HTMLPDF 13.38.180Placement preferences.
HTMLPDF 13.38.190Review of casesStandards and proceduresCompliance.