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Guardianship for dependent childOrder, contentsRights and duties of dependency guardian.

(1) An order establishing a dependency guardianship shall:
(a) Appoint a person or agency to serve as dependency guardian for the limited purpose of assisting the court to supervise the dependency;
(b) Specify the dependency guardian's rights and responsibilities concerning the care, custody, and control of the child. A dependency guardian shall not have the authority to consent to the child's adoption;
(c) Specify the dependency guardian's authority, if any, to receive, invest, and expend funds, benefits, or property belonging to the child;
(d) Specify an appropriate frequency of visitation between the parent and the child; and
(e) Specify the need for any continued involvement of the *supervising agency and the nature of that involvement, if any.
(2) Unless the court specifies otherwise in the guardianship order, the dependency guardian shall maintain the physical custody of the child and have the following rights and duties:
(a) Protect, discipline, and educate the child;
(b) Provide food, clothing, shelter, education as required by law, and routine health care for the child;
(c) Consent to necessary health and surgical care and sign a release of health care information to appropriate authorities, pursuant to law;
(d) Consent to social and school activities of the child; and
(e) Provide an annual written accounting to the court regarding receipt by the dependency guardian of any funds, benefits, or property belonging to the child and expenditures made therefrom.
(3) As used in this section, the term "health care" includes, but is not limited to, medical, dental, psychological, and psychiatric care and treatment.
(4) The child shall remain dependent for the duration of the guardianship. While the guardianship remains in effect, the dependency guardian shall be a party to any dependency proceedings pertaining to the child.
(5) The guardianship shall remain in effect only until the child is eighteen years of age or until the court terminates the guardianship order, whichever occurs sooner.


*Reviser's note: The definition for "supervising agency" for chapter 13.34 RCW was deleted by 2018 c 284 § 3.
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