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Educational liaisonResponsibilitiesBackground checks.

(1) Unless otherwise directed by the court, the responsibilities of the educational liaison for a youth subject to a proceeding under this chapter include, but are not limited to, the following:
(a) To attend educational meetings and dependency hearings;
(b) To meet with local school personnel at regular intervals regarding the youth's educational performance and academic needs;
(c) To seek to understand the youth's academic strengths, areas of concern, and future life goals;
(d) To advocate for necessary educational services;
(e) To join in decision-making processes regarding appropriate school placements, school coursework, personal future, and educational planning;
(f) To explore opportunities and barriers for youth to participate in extracurricular activities;
(g) To involve youth in educational decisions as developmentally appropriate;
(h) To keep all information regarding the youth confidential except as required pursuant to lawful order of a court; and
(i) To provide a written or verbal report to the court during each dependency hearing. The report must include information about the youth's educational progress, experience in school, and the educational liaison's and youth's recommendations regarding needed services in school or the community.
(2) The educational liaison may serve as the surrogate parent or educational representative under federal law.
(3) The educational liaison may have access to all educational records pertaining to the youth involved in the case, without the consent of a parent or guardian of the child, or if the child is under thirteen years of age.
(4) The educational liaison is a volunteer and not compensated for services.
(5) The educational liaison must complete background checks as required by the department.


Findings2013 c 182: See note following RCW 13.34.030.
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