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Certification of record by district courtTransmittal to superior courtPowers of superior court upon transmittal.

(1) Within fourteen days after a small claims appeal has been filed in superior court by the clerk of the district court pursuant to RCW 12.36.020(3), the complete record as defined in subsection (2) of this section shall be made and certified by the clerk of the district court to be correct. The clerk shall then immediately transmit the complete record to superior court. The superior court shall then become possessed of the cause. All further proceedings shall be in the superior court, including enforcement of any judgment rendered. Any superior court procedures such as arbitration or other methods of dispute resolution may be utilized by the superior court in its discretion.
(2) The complete record shall consist of a transcript of all entries made in the district court docket relating to the case, together with all the process and other papers relating to the case filed with the district court and a contemporaneous recording made of the proceeding.
[ 2001 c 156 s 1; 1998 c 52 s 3; 1997 c 352 s 10; 1929 c 58 s 5; RRS ss 1914, 1915. Prior: 1891 c 29 s 4; Code 1881 s 1863; 1873 p 368 s 162; 1854 p 252 s 166. Formerly RCW 12.36.050 and 12.36.060.]
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