Chapter 12.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 12.04.010Civil actionsCommencement.
HTMLPDF 12.04.020Action to recover debtSummonsService.
HTMLPDF 12.04.030Action by complaint and notice.
HTMLPDF 12.04.040Service of complaint and notice.
HTMLPDF 12.04.050ProcessWho may serve.
HTMLPDF 12.04.060ProcessService by constable or sheriff.
HTMLPDF 12.04.070ProcessReturnFees.
HTMLPDF 12.04.080ProcessService by person appointed by justiceReturnExceptions.
HTMLPDF 12.04.090Proof of service.
HTMLPDF 12.04.100Service by publication.
HTMLPDF 12.04.110Proof of service by publication.
HTMLPDF 12.04.120Written admission as proof of service.
HTMLPDF 12.04.130Jurisdiction, when acquired.
HTMLPDF 12.04.140Action by person under eighteen years.
HTMLPDF 12.04.150Action against defendant under eighteen yearsGuardian ad litem.
HTMLPDF 12.04.160Time for appearance.
HTMLPDF 12.04.170Security for nonresident costs.
HTMLPDF 12.04.180Cost bond in lieu of security.
HTMLPDF 12.04.190Penalty for failure to execute process or false return.
HTMLPDF 12.04.200Forms or equivalents prescribed.
HTMLPDF 12.04.201Form of subpoena.
HTMLPDF 12.04.203Form of executionForm of execution against principal and surety, after expiration of stay of execution.
HTMLPDF 12.04.204Form of order in replevin.
HTMLPDF 12.04.205Form of a writ of attachment.
HTMLPDF 12.04.206Form of undertaking in replevin.
HTMLPDF 12.04.207Form of undertaking in attachmentForm of undertaking to discharge attachment.
HTMLPDF 12.04.208Form of undertaking to indemnify constable on claim of property by a third person.


Reviser's note: References in this chapter to justices of the peace and courts to be construed to mean district judges and courts: See RCW 3.30.015.