Chapter 11.96A RCW



HTMLPDF 11.96A.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.020General power of courtsIntentPlenary power of the court.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.040Original jurisdiction in probate and trust mattersPowers of court.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.050Venue in proceedings involving probate or trust matters.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.060Exercise of powersOrders, writs, process, etc.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.070Statutes of limitation.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.080Persons entitled to judicial proceedings for declaration of rights or legal relations.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.090Judicial proceedings.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.100Procedural rules.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.110Notice in judicial proceedings under this title requiring notice.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.115Discovery.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.120Application of doctrine of virtual representation.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.125Mistake of fact or law in terms of will or trustJudicial and nonjudicial reform.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.127Charitable dispositions by will or trust.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.130Other notice requirements not impaired.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.140Waiver of notice.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.150CostsAttorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.160Appointment of guardian ad litem.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.170Trial by jury.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.180Execution on judgments.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.190Execution upon trust income or vested remainderPermitted, when.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.200Appellate review.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.210Purpose.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.220Binding agreement.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.230Entry of agreement with courtEffect.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.240Judicial approval of agreement.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.250Special representative.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.260FindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.270IntentParties can agree otherwise.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.280Scope.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.290Superior courtVenue.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.300Mediation procedure.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.310Arbitration procedure.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.320Petition for order compelling compliance.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 11.96A.902Effective date1999 c 42.