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Declaration of completion of probateSpecial powers of personal representative to hold reserve and deal with taxing authoritiesNotice of filing of declarationDischarge from liability.

(1) The personal representative retains the powers to: Deal with the taxing authority of any federal, state, or local government; hold a reserve in an amount not to exceed three thousand dollars, for the determination and payment of any additional taxes, interest, and penalties, and of all reasonable expenses related directly or indirectly to such determination or payment; pay from the reserve the reasonable expenses, including compensation for services rendered or goods provided by the personal representative or by the personal representative's employees, independent contractors, and other agents, in addition to any taxes, interest, or penalties assessed by a taxing authority; receive and hold any credit, including interest, from any taxing authority; and distribute the residue of the reserve to the intended beneficiaries of the reserve; if:
(a) In lieu of the statement set forth in RCW 11.68.110(1)(e), the declaration of completion of probate states that:
The personal representative has completed the administration of the decedent's estate without court intervention, and the estate is ready to be closed, except for the determination of taxes and of interest and penalties thereon as permitted under this section;
(b) The notice of the filing of declaration of completion of probate must be in substantially the following form:
NOTICE IS GIVEN that the attached Declaration of Completion of Probate was filed by the undersigned in the above-entitled court on the . . . day of . . . . , . . . .; unless you file a petition in the above-entitled court requesting the court to approve the reasonableness of the fees, or for an accounting, or both, and serve a copy thereof upon the personal representative or the personal representative's lawyer, within thirty days after the date of the filing:
(i) The schedule of fees set forth in the Declaration of Completion of Probate will be deemed reasonable;
(ii) The Declaration of Completion of Probate will be final and deemed the equivalent of a Decree of Distribution entered under chapter 11.76 RCW;
(iii) The acts that the personal representative performed before the Declaration of Completion of Probate was filed will be deemed approved, and the personal representative will be automatically discharged without further order of the court with respect to all such acts; and
(iv) The personal representative will retain the power to deal with the taxing authorities, together with $. . . . for the determination and payment of all remaining tax obligations. Only that portion of the reserve that remains after the settlement of any tax liability, and the payment of any expenses associated with such settlement, will be distributed to the persons legally entitled to the reserve.
(2) If the requirements in subsection (1) of this section are met, the personal representative is discharged from all claims other than those relating to the settlement of any tax obligations and the actual distribution of the reserve, at the effective date of the declaration of completion. The personal representative is discharged from liability from the settlement of any tax obligations and the distribution of the reserve, and the personal representative's powers cease, thirty days after the personal representative has mailed to those persons who would have shared in the distribution of the reserve had the reserve remained intact and has filed with the court copies of checks or receipts showing how the reserve was in fact distributed, unless a person with an interest in the reserve petitions the court earlier within the thirty-day period for an order requiring an accounting of the reserve or an order determining the reasonableness, or lack of reasonableness, of distributions made from the reserve. If the personal representative has been required to furnish a bond, any bond furnished by the personal representative is automatically discharged upon the final discharge of the personal representative.


Retroactive application1998 c 292: See note following RCW 11.54.070.
Effective dates1998 c 292: See RCW 11.11.903.
Application1997 c 252 §§ 1-73: See note following RCW 11.02.005.
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