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Allowance of claimsNoticeAutomatic allowancePetition for extensionRanking of claimsBarred claims.

(1) If the personal representative allows a claim, the personal representative shall notify the claimant of the allowance by personal service or regular first-class mail to the address stated on the claim.
(2) A claim that on its face does not exceed one thousand dollars presented in the manner provided in RCW 11.40.070 must be deemed allowed and may not thereafter be rejected unless the personal representative has notified the claimant of rejection of the claim within the later of six months from the date of first publication of the notice to creditors and two months from the personal representative's receipt of the claim. The personal representative may petition for an order extending the period for automatic allowance of the claims.
(3) Allowed claims must be ranked among the acknowledged debts of the estate to be paid expeditiously in the course of administration.
(4) A claim may not be allowed if it is barred by a statute of limitations.
[ 1997 c 252 § 15; 1965 c 145 § 11.40.090. Prior: 1917 c 156 § 115; RRS § 1485; prior: Code 1881 § 1475; 1854 p 281 § 87.]


Application1997 c 252 §§ 1-73: See note following RCW 11.02.005.
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