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Claims involving liability or casualty insuranceLimitationsExceptions to time limits.

The time limitations for presenting claims under this chapter do not accrue to the benefit of any liability or casualty insurer. Claims against the decedent or the decedent's marital community that can be fully satisfied by applicable insurance coverage or proceeds need not be presented within the time limitation of RCW 11.40.051, but the amount of recovery cannot exceed the amount of the insurance. The claims may at any time be presented as provided in RCW 11.40.070, subject to the otherwise relevant statutes of limitations, and do not constitute a cloud, lien, or encumbrance upon the title to the decedent's probate or nonprobate assets nor delay or prevent the conclusion of probate proceedings or the transfer or distribution of assets of the estate. This section does not serve to extend any otherwise relevant statutes of limitations.


Application1997 c 252 §§ 1-73: See note following RCW 11.02.005.
Application, constructionSeverabilityEffective date1974 ex.s. c 117: See RCW 11.02.080 and notes following.
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