Chapter 11.28 RCW



11.28.010Letters to executorsRefusal to serveDisqualification.
11.28.020Objections to appointment.
11.28.030Community propertyWho entitled to lettersWaiver.
11.28.040Procedure during minority or absence of executor.
11.28.050Powers of remaining executors on removal of associate.
11.28.060Administration with will annexed on death of executor.
11.28.070Authority of administrator with will annexed.
11.28.085Records and certification of lettersRecord of bonds.
11.28.090Execution and form of letters testamentary.
11.28.100Form of letters with will annexed.
11.28.110Application for letters of administration or adjudication of intestacy and heirship.
11.28.120Persons entitled to letters.
11.28.131Hearing on petitionAppointmentIssuance of lettersNotice to surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner.
11.28.140Form of letters of administration.
11.28.150Revocation of letters by discovery of will.
11.28.160Cancellation of letters of administration.
11.28.170Oath of personal representative.
11.28.185Bond or other security of personal representativeWhen not requiredWaiverCorporate trusteeAdditional bondReductionOther security.
11.28.190Examination of suretiesAdditional securityCosts.
11.28.210New or additional bond.
11.28.220Persons disqualified as sureties.
11.28.230Bond not void for want of formSuccessive recoveries.
11.28.235Limitation of action against sureties.
11.28.237Notice of appointment as personal representative, pendency of probateProof by affidavit.
11.28.238Notice of appointment as personal representativeNotice to department of revenue.
11.28.240Request for special notice of proceedings in probateProhibitions.
11.28.250Revocation of lettersCauses.
11.28.260Revocation of lettersProceedings in court or chambers.
11.28.270Powers of remaining personal representatives if letters to associates revoked or surrendered or upon disqualification.
11.28.280Successor personal representative.
11.28.290Accounting on death, resignation, or revocation of letters.
11.28.300Proceedings against delinquent personal representative.
11.28.330Notice of adjudication of testacy or intestacy and heirshipContentsService or mailing.
11.28.340Order of adjudication of testacy or intestacy and heirshipEntryTime limitationDeemed final decree of distribution, whenPurposeFinality of adjudications.


Administration of deceased incompetent's estate: RCW 11.88.150.
Letters after final settlement: RCW 11.76.250.
Replacement of lost or destroyed probate records: RCW 5.48.060.
Trust company may not solicit appointment as personal representative: RCW 30A.04.260.