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Devise or bequeathal of property subject to encumbrance.

When any real or personal property subject to a mortgage is specifically devised, the devisee shall take such property so devised subject to such mortgage unless the will provides that such mortgage be otherwise paid. The term "mortgage" as used in this section shall not include a pledge of personal property.
A charge or encumbrance upon any real or personal estate for the purpose of securing the payment of money, or the performance of any covenant or agreement, shall not be deemed a revocation of any will relating to the same estate, previously executed. The devises and legacies therein contained shall pass and take effect, subject to such charge or encumbrance.
[ 1965 c 145 s 11.12.070. Prior: 1955 c 205 s 2; 1917 c 156 s 31; RRS s 1401; prior: Code 1881 s 1324; 1860 p 170 s 26.]
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