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Other transfer by fiduciary.

(1) A personal representative or trustee may make an irrevocable transfer to an adult or trust company for the benefit of a minor pursuant to RCW 11.114.090, in the absence of a will or under a will or trust that does not contain an authorization to do so, but only if:
(a) The personal representative or trustee, or the court if an order is requested under (c) of this subsection, considers the transfer to be in the best interest of the minor;
(b) The transfer is not prohibited by or inconsistent with provisions of the applicable will, trust instrument, or other governing instrument; and
(c) The transfer is authorized by the court if it exceeds thirty thousand dollars in value.
The personal representative, the trustee, or a member of the minor's family may select the custodian, subject to court approval. The personal representative or trustee may serve as custodian, provided he or she falls within the class of persons eligible to serve as custodian under RCW 11.114.090(1).
(2) A member of the minor's family may request that the court establish a custodianship if a custodianship has not already been established, regardless of the value of the transfer.
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