Chapter 11.02 RCW



HTMLPDF 11.02.001Section headings in Title 11 RCW not part of law.
HTMLPDF 11.02.005Definitions and use of terms.
HTMLPDF 11.02.070Community propertyDispositionProbate administration of.
HTMLPDF 11.02.080Application and construction of act as to wills, proceedings, guardians, accrued rights, and pre-executed instrumentsSeverabilityEffective date1974 ex.s. c 117.
HTMLPDF 11.02.091Written instrumentLimit on characterization as testamentary.
HTMLPDF 11.02.100Transfer of shares of recordDividends.
HTMLPDF 11.02.110Transfer of shares or securitiesPresumption of joint tenancy.
HTMLPDF 11.02.120Transfer of sharesLiability.
HTMLPDF 11.02.130Safe deposit repositoryLease provision ineffective to create joint tenancy or transfer at one lessee's death.
HTMLPDF 11.02.900Short titleWashington trust act of 1984.
HTMLPDF 11.02.901Application1985 c 30Application of 1984 c 149 as amended and reenacted in 1985.
HTMLPDF 11.02.902Purpose1985 c 30.
HTMLPDF 11.02.903Severability1985 c 30.