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OwnershipProof of.

In the prosecution of any offense committed upon, or in relation to, or in any way affecting any real estate, or any offense committed in stealing, embezzling, destroying, injuring, or fraudulently receiving or concealing any money, goods, or other personal estate, it shall be sufficient, and shall not be deemed a variance, if it be proved on trial that at the time when such offense was committed, either the actual or constructive possession, or the general or special property in the whole, or any part of such real or personal estate, was in the person or community alleged in the indictment or other accusation to be the owner thereof.
[Code 1881 § 963; 1854 p 99 § 133; RRS § 2156.]


Indictment or information, certain defects or imperfections deemed immaterial: RCW 10.37.056.
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