Chapter 1.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 1.16.020"Fiscal biennium."
HTMLPDF 1.16.030"Fiscal year"School districts and other taxing districts.
HTMLPDF 1.16.040"Folio."
HTMLPDF 1.16.050"Legal holidays" and "legislatively recognized days"Unpaid holidays for employees with appointments or contracts of less than 12 consecutive months.
HTMLPDF 1.16.060"Month" or "months."
HTMLPDF 1.16.065"Officer."
HTMLPDF 1.16.080"Person"Construction of "association," "unincorporated association," and "person, firm, or corporation" to include a limited liability company.
HTMLPDF 1.16.090Legislative declaration for civil liberties day of remembrance.
HTMLPDF 1.16.100Domestic relations termsExceptions.