Chapter 8.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 8.28.010Where state land is involvedService of processFiling of decreeDuty of land commissioner.
HTMLPDF 8.28.030Notice where military land is involved.
HTMLPDF 8.28.040Interest on verdict fixedSuspension during pendency of appeal.
HTMLPDF 8.28.050City in adjoining state may condemn watershed property.


Opening of roads, railroads through cemeteryConsent required: RCW 68.24.180.
Petroleum leasesRights-of-way over public lands: RCW 79.14.140.
Property subject to unpaid or delinquent local improvement assessments: RCW 79.44.190.
Public lands: Chapter 79.02 RCW.
Water rights
artesian wells, rights-of-way to: RCW 90.36.010.
generally: RCW 90.03.040.
of the United States: RCW 90.40.010.