Chapter 8.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 8.20.005Condemnation final actionsNotice requirements.
HTMLPDF 8.20.010Petition for appropriationContents.
HTMLPDF 8.20.020NoticeContentsServicePublication.
HTMLPDF 8.20.060Adjournment of proceedingsFurther notice.
HTMLPDF 8.20.070Adjudication of public use or private way of necessity.
HTMLPDF 8.20.080Trial, how conducted.
HTMLPDF 8.20.090JudgmentDecree of appropriationRecording.
HTMLPDF 8.20.100Payment of damagesEffectAppellate review.
HTMLPDF 8.20.110Claimants, payment ofConflicting claims.
HTMLPDF 8.20.120Appellate review.
HTMLPDF 8.20.130Prosecution of work pending appealBond.
HTMLPDF 8.20.140Appropriation of railway right-of-way through canyon, pass, or defile.
HTMLPDF 8.20.150Prior entry with consentCondemnation avoids ouster.
HTMLPDF 8.20.160Three-year occupancyCondemnation avoids ouster.
HTMLPDF 8.20.170Suit for compensation by owner equivalent to condemnation.


Additional provisions relating to eminent domain proceedings: Chapter 8.25 RCW.
Appointment of guardian ad litem for minors, incapacitated persons: RCW 8.25.270.
Corporations, certain types: RCW 81.36.010.
Corporations conveying water: RCW 90.16.100.
Easements over public lands: Chapter 79.36 RCW.
Electric light and power companies: RCW 80.32.060 through 80.32.080.
Eminent domain affecting corporations other than municipal: State Constitution Art. 12 s 10.
Gas and oil pipelines: RCW 81.88.020.
Grade crossing eliminations, appropriation for: RCW 81.53.180.
Mining companies: RCW 78.04.010.
Railroad companies, appropriation by: RCW 81.36.010.
Railroads, rights-of-way: RCW 81.53.180.
State universityRights-of-way to railroads: RCW 28B.20.330.
Street and electric railroads: RCW 81.64.040.
Telecommunications companies: RCW 80.36.010, State Constitution Art. 12 s 19.
Underground natural gas storage: RCW 80.40.030, 80.40.040.
Water power companies: RCW 90.16.030.