Chapter 8.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 8.12.005Condemnation final actionsNotice requirements.
HTMLPDF 8.12.010"City" defined.
HTMLPDF 8.12.020Other terms defined.
HTMLPDF 8.12.030Condemnation authorizedPurposes enumerated.
HTMLPDF 8.12.040Ordinance to specify method of paymentLimitations.
HTMLPDF 8.12.050Petition for condemnation.
HTMLPDF 8.12.060Contents of petition.
HTMLPDF 8.12.070SummonsService.
HTMLPDF 8.12.080Service when state or county lands are involved.
HTMLPDF 8.12.090Waiver of juryAdjudication of public useProcedure.
HTMLPDF 8.12.100TrialJuryRight to separate juries.
HTMLPDF 8.12.120Interested party may be brought in.
HTMLPDF 8.12.130Jury may view premises.
HTMLPDF 8.12.140Damages to buildingMeasure.
HTMLPDF 8.12.150Separate findings where there are several interestsInterpleader of adverse claimants.
HTMLPDF 8.12.160VerdictNew trialContinuanceNew summons.
HTMLPDF 8.12.170Change of ownershipPowers of court.
HTMLPDF 8.12.190Findings by jury.
HTMLPDF 8.12.200JudgmentAppellate reviewPayment of award into court.
HTMLPDF 8.12.210Title vests upon payment.
HTMLPDF 8.12.220Payment from general fund.
HTMLPDF 8.12.230Payment by special assessment.
HTMLPDF 8.12.240Petition for assessmentAppointment of commissioners.
HTMLPDF 8.12.250Advancement from general funds against assessments.
HTMLPDF 8.12.260Appointment of board of eminent domain commissionersTerms of office.
HTMLPDF 8.12.270Oath of commissionersCompensation.
HTMLPDF 8.12.280Duties of commissionersAssessment of benefitsApportionment.
HTMLPDF 8.12.290Assessment roll.
HTMLPDF 8.12.300Hearing on assessment rollNotice.
HTMLPDF 8.12.310Proof of service.
HTMLPDF 8.12.320Continuance of hearing.
HTMLPDF 8.12.330Objections to assessment roll.
HTMLPDF 8.12.340Modification of assessment.
HTMLPDF 8.12.350Judgment, effectLien.
HTMLPDF 8.12.360Certification of roll to treasurer.
HTMLPDF 8.12.370Treasurer's notice to pay when assessments immediately payable.
HTMLPDF 8.12.380Notice by mailPenalty for default.
HTMLPDF 8.12.390Bonds authorized.
HTMLPDF 8.12.400MaturityInterestPayment.
HTMLPDF 8.12.410SaleApplication of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 8.12.420Installment payment of assessments.
HTMLPDF 8.12.430Notice to payDue date of installmentsPenaltyInterest.
HTMLPDF 8.12.440Bond owner may enforce collection.
HTMLPDF 8.12.450Bondholder's remedy limited to assessments.
HTMLPDF 8.12.460Payment of bondsCallNotice.
HTMLPDF 8.12.470Enforcement of collectionInterest on delinquency.
HTMLPDF 8.12.480Assessment fund to be kept separate.
HTMLPDF 8.12.490Record of payment and redemption.
HTMLPDF 8.12.500Liability of treasurer.
HTMLPDF 8.12.510Reassessment.
HTMLPDF 8.12.520Lien of assessmentEnforcement by civil action.
HTMLPDF 8.12.530Discontinuance of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 8.12.540Subsequent compensation for property taken or damaged.
HTMLPDF 8.12.550Regrade assessments.
HTMLPDF 8.12.560Construction as to second-class cities.


Additional provisions relating to eminent domain proceedings: Chapter 8.25 RCW.
Appointment of guardian ad litem for minors, incapacitated persons: RCW 8.25.270.
Auditoriums, art museums, swimming pools, athletic and recreational fields: RCW 35.21.020.
Cemetery districts: RCW 68.52.200.
City-owned electric power and light companyLimitation on right of eminent domain: RCW 35.84.030.
Code city: RCW 35A.64.200.
Condemnation of blighted property: Chapter 35.80A RCW.
Easements over public land: Chapter 79.36 RCW.
Electric energy facilities: RCW 35.84.020.
FerriesAuthority to acquire and maintain: RCW 35.21.110.
First-class cities: RCW 35.22.280(6).
Housing authority: RCW 35.82.070, 35.82.110.
Limited access facilities: RCW 47.52.050.
Local improvements
filling and draining lowlandsWaterwaysDamages: RCW 35.56.050.
filling lowlandsDamages: RCW 35.55.040.
generally: Chapters 35.43 through 35.56 RCW.
Metropolitan municipal corporations: RCW 35.58.320.
Metropolitan park districtsPark commissioner's authority generally: RCW 35.61.130.
Military purposes: RCW 8.04.170.
Multi-purpose community centersPowers of condemnation: RCW 35.59.050.
Municipal airports
acquisition of real property: RCW 14.08.030.
joint condemnation proceedings: RCW 14.08.200.
Off-street parking facilities: RCW 35.86.030.
Parking commission: RCW 35.86A.080.
Parkways, park drives, and boulevards: RCW 35.21.190.
Relocation assistance: Chapter 8.26 RCW.
Second-class cities: RCW 35.23.311, 35.23.440(45).
Sewerage systems: RCW 35.67.020.
Street railway extensions of municipal corporations: RCW 35.84.060.
generally: RCW 35.27.380.
off-street parking: RCW 35.27.570.
Watershed property, city in adjoining state may condemn: RCW 8.28.050.
Waterworks, authority to acquire and operate: RCW 35.92.010.