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Chapter 77.120 RCW



HTMLPDF 77.120.005Findings.
HTMLPDF 77.120.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 77.120.020Application of chapter.
HTMLPDF 77.120.030Authorized ballast water dischargeAdoption of standards by rule.
HTMLPDF 77.120.040Reporting and sampling requirements.
HTMLPDF 77.120.050Pilot projectPrivate sector ballast water treatment operation.
HTMLPDF 77.120.070Violation of chapterPenaltiesRules.
HTMLPDF 77.120.100Department may assess fee for exemptionsRules.
HTMLPDF 77.120.110Ballast water and biofouling management account.
HTMLPDF 77.120.120Special operating authorizationRules.
HTMLPDF 77.120.130Department's authority to enter into partnerships, contracts, or other agreements.
HTMLPDF 77.120.140BiofoulingAgency rule-making authority.