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Last Update: 6/1/92

Chapter 508-12 WAC


WAC Sections

Regulation of water right diversions—Personnel.
Regulation of water right diversions—Regulation of unincorporated partnership ditches.
Regulation of water right diversions—Controlling works—Measuring devices.
Regulation of water right diversions—Controlling works—Headgates.
Regulation of water right diversions—Closure of diversions.
Regulation of water right diversions—Penalty for opening.
Determination of existing rights to the use of water.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Rights of way.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Applications for permit—Forms.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Number of applications.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Maps or sketches.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Applications filed by nonowners.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Priority of application.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Affidavit of publication of notice.
Surface water appropriation procedure—No action on permits allowable prior to thirty days after last publication.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Protests or objections.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Amendments or transfers.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Amendments as to source, quantity, etc.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Division of land ownership before certificate issued.
Surface water appropriation procedure—Seasonal permits.
Groundwater appropriation procedure—Applicability of foregoing rules.
Groundwater appropriation procedure—Relative rights—Ground and surface water appropriators.
Groundwater appropriation procedure—Where proposed construction is near surface water supply.
Groundwater appropriation procedure—Where wells penetrate artesian water zones.
Reservoir permits—Where required.
Reservoir permits—Limits on filling.
Regulation review.