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Chapter 480-93 WAC


WAC Sections

Application of rulesResponsibility for contractors.
Additional requirements.
Computation of time.
Covered tasks.
Odorization of gas.
Filing requirements for design, specification, and construction procedures.
Proximity considerations.
Location of gas compressor stations on gas pipelines.
Welder and plastic joiner identification and qualification.
Corrosion control.
Casing of line pipes.
Pipeline markers.
Multistage pressure regulation.
Service regulators.
Increasing maximum allowable operating pressure.
Reporting requirements of proposed construction.
Tests and reports for gas pipelines.
Moving and lowering metallic gas pipelines.
Protection of plastic pipe.
Plans and procedures.
Gas leak investigation.
Leak evaluation.
Leak classification and action criteriaGradeDefinitionPriority of leak repair.
Gas leak records.
Gas leak surveys.
Reporting requirements.
Civil penalty for violation of chapter 81.88 RCW and commission gas safety rules.
Exemptions from rules in chapter 480-93 WAC.
Annual pipeline safety fee methodology.
Damage prevention.
Adoption by reference.
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