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Consignees, bailees, factors, agents and auctioneers.

A consignee, bailee, factor, agent or auctioneer, as used in this ruling, refers to one who has either actual or constructive possession of tangible personal property, the actual ownership of such property being in another, or one calling for bids on such property. The term "constructive possession" means possession of the power to pass title to tangible personal property of others.
Business and Occupation Tax
Retailing and wholesaling. Every consignee, bailee, factor, agent or auctioneer having either actual or constructive possession of tangible personal property, or having possession of the documents of title thereto, with power to sell such tangible personal property in his or its own name and, actually so selling, shall be deemed the seller of such tangible personal property and taxable under the retailing or wholesaling classification of the business and occupation tax, depending upon the nature of the transactions. In such case the consignor, bailor, principal or owner shall be deemed a seller of such property to the consignee, bailee, factor or auctioneer and taxable as a wholesaler with respect to such sales.
The mere fact that consignee, bailee or factor makes a sale raises a presumption that such consignee, bailee or factor actually sold in his or its own name. This presumption is controlling unless rebutted by proof satisfactory to the department of revenue.
Agents and brokers. Any person who claims to be acting merely as agent or broker in promoting sales for a principal or in making purchases for a buyer, will have such claim recognized only when the contract or agreement between such persons clearly establishes the relationship of principal and agent and when the following conditions are complied with:
(1) The books and records of the broker or agent show the transactions were made in the name and for the account of the principal, and show the name of the actual owner of the property for whom the sale was made, or the actual buyer for whom the purchase was made.
(2) The books and records show the amount of gross sales, the amount of commissions and any other incidental income derived by the broker or agent from such sales.
Service and other business activities. Every consignee, bailee, factor, agent or auctioneer who makes a sale in the name of the actual owner, as agent of the actual owner, or who purchases as agent of the actual buyer, is taxable under the service and other business activities classification upon the gross income derived from such business.
Retail Sales Tax
Consignees, bailees, factors, agents or auctioneers. Every consignee, bailee, factor, agent or auctioneer authorized, engaged or employed to sell or call for bids on tangible personal property belonging to another, and, so selling or calling, is deemed a seller, and shall collect the retail sales tax upon all retail sales made by him, except sales of certain farm property as hereinafter provided. The tax applies to all such sales even though the sales would have been exempt if made directly by the owner of the property sold.
It shall be the duty of every consignee, bailee, factor, agent or auctioneer to collect and remit the retail sales tax directly to the department with respect to all retail sales made or called by them: Provided, however, That if the owner of the property sold is engaged in the business of selling tangible property and the sale by the consignee, bailee, factor, agent or auctioneer has been made in the owner's name and the owner continues to engage in business, the owner may report and pay the tax collected directly to the department.
If the owner of the property sold discontinues business either before or at the time of the sale, the owner and the consignee, bailee, factor, agent or auctioneer will be held jointly responsible for payment of the tax.
The foregoing does not apply to auction sales made by or through auctioneers of tangible personal property (including household goods) which have been used in conducting a farm activity when the seller thereof is a farmer and the sale is held or conducted upon a farm, since such sales are specifically exempted from the retail sales tax.
Bailees will be relieved from liability for the collection of the sales tax from buyers in those cases where they merely receive a commission on the sale and the entire transaction is closed directly between the owner and the buyer, if such sales are reported to the department by such bailees, within ten days after receipt of the sales commission and such report shows the following:
(1) Name and address of seller;
(2) Name and address of buyer;
(3) Amount for which sold;
(4) Approximate date of sale;
(5) Description of property sold.
Those failing to submit such report to the department within the time stated will be held responsible for payment of the sales tax to the state.
For tax liability of certain independent selling agents for the collection of the use tax, see WAC 458-20-221.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 82.32.300. WSR 83-07-033 (Order ET 83-16), § 458-20-159, filed 3/15/83; Order ET 70-3, § 458-20-159 (Rule 159), filed 5/29/70, effective 7/1/70.]