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Orders of the board—Notice of value adjustment—Effective date.

(1) All orders issued by a board must be on the form provided or approved by the department and must state the facts and evidence upon which the decision is based and the reason(s) for the decision.
(2) All orders of the board must be signed by the chairman of the board, provided, however, that the chairman may, by written designation, authorize other members or the board clerk to sign orders on behalf of the chairman.
(3) After a hearing, if a board adjusts or sustains the valuation of a parcel of real property or an item of personal property, the board must serve or mail notice of the decision to the appellant and the assessor.
(a) If the valuation is reduced, the new valuation shall take effect immediately, subject to the parties' right to appeal the decision.
(b) If the valuation is increased, the increased valuation shall become effective thirty days after the date of service or mailing of the notice of the adjustment unless the taxpayer or assessor files a petition to the board of tax appeals in accordance with WAC 458-14-170, before the effective date. If such a petition is filed, the increase does not take effect until the board of tax appeals disposes of the matter.
(4) If the valuation is increased without a petition having been filed, the increased valuation shall become effective thirty days after the date of service or mailing of the notice of the adjustment to the assessor and the taxpayer unless the assessor or taxpayer files a petition with the board on or before the effective date.
(5) In counties with a multiyear revaluation cycle, orders issued by the board shall have effect up to the end of the revaluation cycle used by the assessor and approved by the department. The board order may contain a specific statement notifying the parties of this effect. If there has been an intervening change in assessed value of the taxpayer's property between the time the petition was filed and the date the board's order is issued, the board's order shall have effect only up to the effective date of the change in assessed value. The same effect will also apply when a valuation adjustment is ordered upon appeal of a board order.
(6) In counties with a multiyear revaluation cycle, once the board has issued a decision with respect to a taxpayer's real property, and when there has been no intervening change in assessed value, any subsequent appeal to the board:
(a) By the same taxpayer relating to the same property shall be treated as a motion for reconsideration. The board must hold a hearing on the appeal/motion only if the taxpayer can show that there is newly discovered evidence that materially affects the basis for the board's decision and the taxpayer can show that the evidence could not with reasonable diligence have been discovered and produced at the original hearing;
(b) By a taxpayer who acquired the property from the taxpayer to whom the board decision was issued, and for a subsequent assessment year, shall be treated as an original appeal.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 84.08.010, 84.08.070, and 84.48.200. WSR 06-13-034, § 458-14-116, filed 6/14/06, effective 7/15/06; WSR 95-17-099, § 458-14-116, filed 8/23/95, effective 9/23/95; WSR 90-23-097, § 458-14-116, filed 11/21/90, effective 12/22/90.]
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